Yes you typed in thisisawebsite and yes younare viewing the new thisisawebsite that has taken the name of Firecrackers!! With this new name come some fab new stuff!! Look to the right of your screen to see some of the new firecracker things we've got for you!!

You have successfully reached Firecrackers, formally known as thisisawebsite. We have had a redesign so look around download some stuff and hopefully you'll be able to have as much fun with firecrackers as you did with thisisawebsite!

Firecrackers recommends the new breed of OS. Firecracker recomends
Bubbletec Blueburn as your operating system. available from Nov. 30th

For more details visit www.bubblemac.co.nr


New to Firecrackers!!!

We have a whole page dedicated to Cyanide and Happiness with all of their comics, videos and links to where you can buy there awesome books

Are you stuck at school, on the computer?
You want to get into youtube but you've come accross the dreaded proxy? Fear not for  with Firecrackers very own self-updating proxy list!!

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