House Progress

Check back for updates on our crazy house demolition and construction. 






July 23rd, 2007

Well, we're almost done with the back living area! We have about 4 feet of flooring to put down, a bit of trim painting/finishing, and the wall between the garage and the room needs to be built. We also haven't finished the bathroom back there, but we're not considering that part of the room (haha, makes us feel better saying "The room is almost done"). Anyways, here are the latest pictures!




Here's the mess before...

Look how nice! (Try to imagine no ladder thingy there). Paul built a built-in bookcase. He's a construction rock star.

So here's the room. Almost done!

Another view of the room (and our gloomy day). 





June 10th, 2007


Here's our house with our super-duper new lights





Charlie working on the plastering 






A larger view of the back room






May 27th, 2007


(taken in the winter) 











May 14th, 2007



The wall where the window was is drywalled.

Though it's covered by a bunch of crap, the floor is really comin' along.





April 27th, 2007



Paul taking the window out in the back lounge. 




The back of the house & Paul workin' hard.





Bricking up the window hole 

The window is bricked up and has some insulation shoved in there. And the floor is starting to be put together. (Uh huh, I gots me another Tony Little Gazelle, aw yis).


View of the whole room. Mess!





April 10th, 2007

We put 3 sheets of drywall up!


April 2nd, 2007

We're makin' progress! The whole right wall has been insulated and the framing has begun. Yesterday Paul and his Dad did some work on the floor. 

Here's the wall before we started


Paul putting up the first piece of insulation

Insulated and papered

The frame starting to go up

Some of the frame up

The floor. Now we have to wait a few days for it to set completely before we can get back to work.

March 10th, 2007

Here's some pictures of the demolition Paul did today. 
It has officially begun - woohoo! 


Here's the view towards the back lounge before Paul started this morning.



Another "before" picture, from another angle

Bye bye door


Working on the door frame

Taking down the last bit of door frame, after taking out what was above the door


Yeah - goodbye wall! Paul's looking a little confused. I think he's wondering, again, what we got ourselves into. Haha.

 January/February, 2007

Here's what we've done so far - not much, but it's a start!

The Bathroom

Before (upon moving in)


Mid-way through renovating


The Garage





 Welcome to our house!

Here's the grand tour of our house as it stands as of February, 2007. I'll try to explain what's gonna be done as best I can without you being here to see it! 

Here's the front of our house. The entry is now in the middle, but we're eventually blocking that up and making a covered porch or conservatory in front of where the garage is now, and the entry will be on the left, like in the pic below.


The entry will have a door just a bit back from where the nook window is. The window on the left near the garage will be inside the new entry, and will be a door into the house. 


This is the hall when you first walk in the front door. The door to the right is the front lounge, to the left is E's room, straight ahead is the bathroom, to the far left is Paul and my room, and to the far right is the dining/weird room...I'll explain when we get there. 



Here's the front lounge from the doorway. This room will be turned into the Master bedroom. 



The other side of the lounge from the doorway. Right now, this room is multi-purpose, a living area AND a laundry room! Haha. When we turn it into the Master, we'll be getting a wood-burning stove instead of a regular fireplace, and fo' sho' we'll be getting rid of the teal blue carpet.

Don't get confused about the placement of Elijah - he wanted to be in every picture. This is the doorway to the lounge, just so you can get your bearings. In the left corner (you can't see it), we'll have a door going into the Master bath and closet (YESSSS CLOSET!) when we block up the front entry.

View from the front lounge. God only knows what we're gonna do with the front yard and driveway. We'll definitely be paving it, and probably put in an extra paved area to turn the car around and such.

View across the hall from the lounge into Elijah's room. E's room is the one and only room in the house that will stay basically the same. (The pink carpet's definitely going though). 

Elijah's room from the doorway, and Elijah doing some freestyle walking.



Another view of Elijah's room. Gotta do something about those bare walls...

View from Elijah's window.

The main entry from the hallway. This area will be turned into the Master bath/closet. The front door will be pushed out and walled up, and the inside door will be pushed back and walled up so we have enough space in there for all the bath stuff, and a CLOSET!!!!!!

Little man peeking out the front window when I was taking pictures. Heheeee - so cute.

Me and Paul's bedroom. Ahhh, back to sleeping on a mattress on the floor. We kinda want to wait until we're in the other room before buying any good furniture. This room is gonna be an office.


The view from our room. 




Here's the weird dining room whatever room. I believe this was the original kitchen and the former owner turned it into the dining room. We're using it as our dining room/place for our fridge and other various crap. As you'll see, there's no room in our kitchen for a fridge. This room is gonna be our front entry.

The weird room again - the door you see is the door into the whole part of the house that was added on. The kitchen is right through the door. That door will be taken out and turned into a wide arched entry with no door, going into the faaabulous kitchen, dining, lounge area of the house.

View from the weird dining room. When we're really rich, we'll convert the attic into a couple of bedrooms, and we'll have a spiral staircase about where the table is. 

The ugly-ass fireplace in the dining room, and our fridge next to it. Classy, eh? Every day I'm more and more tempted to get the sledgehammer and tear that ugly piece out. I can't wait 'til that thing's gone.

Welcome to the stupidest house addition you'll EVER see. You're looking into the kitchen from the door in the dining room. Say wha'? Yes, the kitchen is basically in a hallway. It's frikkin' freezing in there all the time cause the dummies that built the extension didn't insulate anything. Not only that, but it's hideous mint green with hunter green tiles. OHHHHH NOOOOO THEY DI-IN'T! The door at the very back goes into the back lounge. Lemme explain the insane demolition that will take place here. The wall to the right will be knocked down completely. The counters and cabinets on the left will be torn out and replaced by French doors which lead out to a patio. The door and wall at the end will also be taken down, so it's just one biiiig open space. The kitchen will be in what is now the garage (the garage is on the other side of the wall), then a dining room more towards the back, and the lounge will stay a lounge, but will be refinished. The ceilings will also be opened up to have exposed beams. This will all be completed in the year 2048.

Here ya'are standing at the top step at the end of the retard-o kitchen. The door on the right goes into the garage, which is too narrow to even fit a car. Yeah, I don't know.

Here you're still standing on the top step at the end of the kitchen. The door on the left goes into a weird little area with a door to outside, and a little closet with a toilet in it. It'll all be turned into a regular bathroom with a regular door and no doors to outside. 

Oh's when you go through that door above - the door to the toilet closet is on the right.






Here's the view from where the garage door is, looking up back into the dining room. 


Here's the back lounge. We have to insulate the whole thing and move the placement of the windows and stuff, and do the floor obviously. Right now that room can't even be used cause it's so cold.



Another picture of the back lounge.

View from the back lounge.

These doors in the back lounge will be used in what is now the kitchen. 

The back of the garage. This wall and the wall to the left are both coming down.