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                                These medicine details are found from an ancient Ayurvedic book.


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We have researched in the medicine catalogues and found some thing useful to us.

syntax: medicine name :use

1.KumKumadi Tailam:Very useful for external application in discolouration and pimples.

2.Kuntalakanti Tailam:Promotes growth of hair and keeps black colour even in older age and removes Dandruff.Shall be applied to the head daily an hour before bath.

3.Neelibhringadi Tailam: Promotes growth of hair.

4. Neelibhringadikera Tailam:This oil is specially prepared for those who loose their hair over the head and for those who have dandruff etc.

5.Pamantaka Tailam: Very useful for external application on the head for Dandruff,Itches,Eczema etc.

Important note: Please contact any Ayurvedic physician
before using these medicines.

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