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      WELCOME TO THE CLUB!  We are a family owned and operated business located in Hamilton County.   You don't have to be intoxicated to need a designated driver, we will assist you in whatever transportation need you may have.  We don't run like other transportation companies, give us a try and you will experience the difference.  We pick you and your car up if needed and you ride along with our fully licensed and insured driver.  We offer delivery services as well, if you need a gallon of milk at the store, or a ride to the airport, you can count on us.  Support your local troops and ride with us today!   You will always know what you will pay for our services before we come get you.  We have vehicles available for groups larger than 4, up to 8 passengers just $10 more!   

PLEASE, DON’T DRINK AND DRIVE!!                           We will be your Designated Driver!  Get a Trial Membership for just $5, or a 30 Day Gold Membership for only $20!!

      Let us drive your vehicle home for you! 

 Trial Membership $5**           Gold Members $20*      

 $15 - Up to 5 miles                       $15 - Up to 5 miles

 $25 - Up to 10 miles                     $25 - Up to 10 miles

 $35 - Up to 15 miles                     $35 - Up to 15 miles

 $45 - Up to 20 miles                     $45 - Up to 20 miles

  **1 vehicle pick-up                                      *30 days unlimited


Members can ride home in our courtesy vehicle!             Trial  Membership $5**         Gold Members $20*                     

 $10 - Up to 5 miles                       $10 - Up to 5 miles

 $15 - Up to 10 miles                     $15 - Up to 10 miles

 $20 - Up to 15 miles                     $20 - Up to 15 miles

 $25 - Up to 20 miles                     $25 - Up to 20 miles

  **per use of Courtesy Car                         *30 days unlimited            

 Know who you are riding with, our drivers are all American Veterans Fully Licensed and Insured. Count on us to get you and your vehicle home SAFE!

 CALL OR TEXT FOR A RIDE   317-828-2048



Veteran Owned and Operated

We also offer personal Security services, confidentiality

On a personal note this company was started in memory of Kevin Jordan my older brother that was killed by his best friend after a night out drinking, PLEASE don't let this happen to your family, call us and we will get you home safely!!