In today's world student success has been defined by having a college diploma.  At The College Game Project we provide alternative strategies that redefine student success as having a career in a chosen profession.  This website is a free resource for all to use and is designed to help students of all ages understand the three major issues facing college students today and learn practical solutions to each issue.

Three Major Issues

1. The Whole College Story

2. Problem Solving Skills

3. Educational Logistics

To learn more about these issues use the page links on the left side of this webpage.  In addition, worksheets designed to directly helps students be successful both in and out of class are available on the downloads page.

What it means to "Be Weird"

At The College Game Project we define the word weird as something that is not normal or not average. First, we must define what it means to be a normal college student:  27% of freshman do not return for their sophomore year, 47% of students do not graduate in 6 years, and finally, less than 30% of students have jobs upon graduation from college.  In short, the majority of college graduates take at least 6 years to graduate and are subsequently unemployed upon graduation.  Normal is overrated.

We encourage students to explore the world beyond college while in college.  This provides opportunity for students to learn about the variety of career opportunities available, gain experience, develop networking skills, establish networks and avoid the pitfalls of simply going through the motions to obtain a college diploma.  At The College Game Project we encourage students to strike a balance between being successful in the classroom while learning to navigate the professional world prior to graduation.  This above and beyond the classroom approach is not currently the norm, therefore we encourage students to "Be Weird".

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