The Edinburgh Muslim Community Association

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Although there are many mosques in Edinburgh and throughout Scotland there is no organisation providing a dedicated full-time advice and Islamic information service in Scotland. Mosques mainly tend to cater exclusively for their Muslim clientele and often do not appear to be open or attractive to the public. Any help usually takes the form of dry literature, occasional conversation if anyone can be found and follow up or continued support is rare. We believe people are eager for correct information about the religion of Islam and the current social climate in this country has only increased this need.

The Edinburgh Muslim Community Association is a non-sectarian grass roots organisation formed in 2004 by a group of committed converts to Islam and Muslim youth of Scotland. Its aims are to establish a link between the Scottish Muslim community and the general public. And to provide care, practical assistance and promote unity within the Muslim community.

We believe the best way to achieve our aims would be to establish a ‘drop-in’ centre providing many services under one roof. This centre would be used to: provide a space for non-Muslims and Muslims to interact and obtain reliable information on the teachings of the religion of Islam in all its diversity. To provide support, counselling and advice to Scottish Muslims from ‘traditional’ Muslim backgrounds, as well as catering for the unique needs of the increasing number of Scottish converts to Islam. For more information please see our 'About us' section or if you would like to know more about how you can help us please use our 'Contact us' section.

"For the people of the Outer a community enriches a man, though one man does not enrich a community.     As for the people of the Inner, one man enriches a community, though a community does not enrich one man." Ali Al Jamal