About me

My career

Since 1997, Peter Lichtherte has run his own independent consulting office, Technical Consulting & Management. He previously worked for Siemens (Belgium) as a Development Engineer for Electro-Mechanical applications and for Vitalo Plastics in Belgium in various capacities: Development Engineer, Business Unit Manager, Corporate Technical Manager, and General Manager. 

He holds a University degree from K.I.H.O. in Gent and Aalst and is an Industrial Engineer with an Electro-Mechanical degree.  Peter Lichtherte is on the board of the SPE European Thermoforming Division.

Technology skills and references

Over the years Peter has been working with different technologies such as thermoforming (high pressure, twin sheet forming), RIM (polyurethane, pDCPD), SMC, Rotational Moulding, Painting, Metal Punching and Forming (progressive dies), ...

He has been involved in several international development programs and operational set-ups.

Actualy Peter has consulting agreements with Telene, Huber&Grimme.