A simple triangle tree house was the first thing I ever built as a kid.  Growing up I made countless tree houses, it taught me the basics of construction and fueled my passion for building.  Today, I build for TANKCO but the idea of a sweet tree house hasn't grown out, just matured.  We can build anything you can imagine, even in the trees.  At my house I built a simple double tree platform which is perfect for hunting or just hanging out.  There are no walls just a deck and railings but the upper levels and enclosed main room will be built once the weather warms up.  It is pressure treated lumber which never rots and it is solidly lag bolted in place.  It is very strong when you use many deck beams so it can hold as many as you can fit, and it is extremely sturdy, no wiggle makes even the girliest of girls feel comfortable and safe.  But notice the caution, there is a Zipline that sends you sailing across the yard to ground level.  Fun as hell but very fast so watch out for that tree.  It is clearly marked by the way.  If you would like one built we are always up for any custom build or challenge.  Let us build you a custom tree house, solidly built however you want it.  C'mon this is way funner than a stupid deck on the ground.