Tiger Tank

This is our replica German Tiger tank. It is completely custom built. It's powered by a Perkins 26 HP 3 cylinder diesel engine. The drive system is a hydraulic setup based off of a Bobcat. The tracks are composed of two strips of conveyor belt rubber bolted to steel signpost. It has a crew of 4; driver, front gunner, turret gunner, and commander. The main gun is a 2" bore air cannon.

Just messing around and having fun. 
The tank has seen its fair share of abuse and since it was a cheaply built prototype it isn't really ready to be fielded successfully.  Retired from active paintball combat because we have better tricks up our sleeves and we need to build those machines instead.  We just mess around with the tank and have fun these days.

This is the Tiger a couple years earlier when I was still in college and the tank was still in service with the 21st Panzers at Oklahoma D-Day.
It was built and finalized over the course of 3 years and about 10 grand was spent while tinkering around with this hobby.
We were in college half the time and co-oping as engineers the other half, getting cash and parts along the way.
Slowly, It became a functional paintball tank with reliability and toughness.  This is around the time of our first trip to Oklahoma D-Day.
Many practical lessons were learned as the design developed.  This was even earlier when it was barely driving well.  We took it to Hells survivors for its first few battles, then finally our first Oklahoma D-Day.
Although primitive, these videos show the beginnings of TANKCO.  Messing around in my free time my first few college years trying to make a realistic looking paintball tank.
If anyone wants a mini tank like mine we would be happy to build refined models,  Steel mini tanks run about $20,000 depending on customer preferences, small diesel or a v8 and such.