Death Kart

The best go-karts are as fast as possible, speed makes things fun.  Who wants just another 20mph go-kart?

For Sale Cheap - $500

This is Tankco, a go-kart is a simple chassis with tons of power. This project was to go fast using as little store bought parts as possible. We started with a free 80s go-kart frame and a Honda 6.5 HP engine. We lengthened the frame 12" and added a racing slick rear tire. It used a belt clutch direct drive. We had this setup for over a year and it worked pretty well, but all good things come to an end sooner or later. We kept breaking belts, bent the pulley more than once, and finally the engine wouldn't stay running no matter what we did. This is Tankco, so instead of getting a new carburetor, we started looking for a bigger motor. We scavenged a 70s Arctic Cat 340cc two stroke twin cylinder snowmobile engine. We then completely rebuilt the rear end of the go-kart. It now uses the snowmobiles CVT trans and gear box with a solid rear axle. It will now approach 70 mph on a smooth road!