SdKfz 250 Halftrack

This project was huge, far too extensive for words.  The build completely took over my life for about 2 years, it was bigger than anyone imagined.  It could be called my masterpiece or my worst nightmare, depending on how you look at it, but it was how Tankco all began.  I am very proud to say that we built the first handmade replica of the WW2 SdKfz 250 German Halftrack. 
 The body is plate steel hand plasma cut and welded on a heavily modified 89' Chevrolet truck frame. The engine is the legendary chevy 350 small block V8 and it drives on 40" military tires and rubber padded steel excavator tracks. We were in college at the time, Tankco was just an idea, we had no real workshop, and we lacked some important tools, but we still managed to build a halftrack.  It took about 2 years to build and about $30,000 total.
  I ended up dropping out of engineering school to follow my passion for building badass machines and Tankco was started.  Matt Fittante was a major Tankco partner and his barn was our first workshop. Before that it was a tarp shed and after it was in the driveway at my fraternity house.  It was almost finished by then, but I just couldnt do it anymore since we were out of money, energy and time.  I only ever test drove it around the fraternity house parking lot once.  After it was picked up it needed to be upgraded more and detailed by the customer in Wisconsin.  Still, not too shabby for a bunch of kids working in an old barn with basic tools.  I cant wait to see her finished off and kicking some ass, I would love to take it into a paintball battle, that is what we worked so hard to build it for.

This is our video of the whole build,  Start to Finish

YouTube Video

This was as far as we could finish it before we ran out of time, 
 the money ran out months before this last photo I took

This is it after they first took it home to their garage, it still needed some major work

Finished and battle ready!!!

Kicking some ass, a badass war machine, thats what I was so determined to build!!!

Knowing what i've learned and with a real workshop, I could make a way better halftrack now.   

Looking very real, detail is everything, good job finishing it off guys!!!

So theres no way I can take all the credit but it was my engineering and eyeballing
and do you have any idea how much welding it took to make that thing?  
All day, most days, for almost 2 years!   That's TANKCO university and I graduated!
So did Matt Fittante and Joe Hergenreder  "Hookah J" (Back like a vertebra)