Original Prototype "Nachomobile"

YouTube Video

This is our prototype cargobike we called the "Nachomobile"

We were young engineering students back in 2008 and this is how we had fun!
This is how our design was inspired, constructed and refined.
Step 1 -  Idea, Design, Fabricate     
The "Nachomobile?"  It is a goofy 3 wheeler inspired by the similar bike in the film "Nacho Libre."  One weekend in Charleston, SC  after watching Nacho Libre and drinking many beers, we decided that boredom is for the lame and we decided to build the 3 wheeler that Nacho uses.  The next morning I went all over town collecting parts, tools, barbecue stuff and more beer.  This started as a goofy joke, but it became a serious project.  We did get the idea from the movie but this was not copied, general lines were just eyeballed, built to my own unique style and design.  Ours is faster than the movie bike also.  This video shows our build weekend and the birth of a legend, the famous Nachomobile.   "patent pending"        

Refined models are for sale - 
                       See the "Cargo Bike / Nachomobile" page to see the refined models

Like with anything else call or e-mail and it will be built for you.

Step 2 -  Test, Upgrade, Improve  
In this video (the next weekend) we break in and upgrade The Nacho so that it will be solid and street worthy.
+  This is the first time we extensively drive The Nacho.  We find that the handling is strange and requires balance and practice to go fast.     

YouTube Video

Step 3 -   Seasoned / Optimized 

YouTube Video

By this video we have fully tested/seasoned the "Nacho" 
"The Original Nacho" has totaled 3 years of valiant service so far including hard labor, hauling ass around town, campus taxi, many drive thrus, and frequent "guest driver abuse"

By this phase of a build, anything that can fail, has done so by now.  Anything that did fail has been upgraded by now, we now have a seasoned and perfected design.

All the weak links have been upgraded, things are optimized and the design is finally finished, but old and beat up.
Countless design changes and upgrades later and we now have standard production models.

This is the "Nacho Deluxe"  This refined nacho design is vastly superior 

  It is just waiting for you to drive, call Tankco today and have one built