"Nachomobile" TANKCO'S Original Cargo Bikes

A basic "Nachomobile"  The first one ever sold
It has a 6.5hp gasoline engine and a 500lb capacity

      Top speed 20mph     

"I can get 45 mpg on this thing and
               the diesel ones are even better!"

          Building and driving the basic "Nachomobile" 

So get out there and have some fun!!!
   The Infamous Diesel Nacho "The Glog" or "Klattomatic"
Built for even more toughness and hauling ability

YouTube Video

    It has a 10hp DIESEL engine and 1000lb capacity

    Top speed 30mph and tons of pulling torque  

   "The Nacho Deluxe" improved the design even more 

    It has an 11hp gasoline engine and 1200lb capacity

     Top speed 30mph
This was the last "Nachomobile" ever built
The "Tuffalo" 4 wheeler design came next and took the cargo bike concept much further
What other vehicle offers the mobility of a dirt bike and the carrying ability of a pickup truck 
all in one? "Tankco Cargo Bikes"