Metal Art and Sculpture

Also a fun thing to do, creating artwork from random mechanical odds and ends.  For Christmas one year I made this sculpture for my mom.  Made from mostly junk Ford tractor parts and other random things I found in the old barn.  More will be built and unique is my specialty.  

A sculpture like the "Tankco Idea Man" could be yours, make a small or large donation and help make the next build project possible.

He is a 40 lb functioning lamp, with Tankco style.

Extra parts accumulate, scrapyards are goldmines for me and I enjoy welding things into metal art.

Plasma cut sheet art is also one of my favorites.

These got made with leftover bits of plate when building the halftrack.

Designs can be yours or mine, drawn or stenciled on then, freehand plasma cut.  

                                        The official logo of Tankco