Heavy Chevy

This is my first roadworthy vehicle, she's a 1986 Chevy K30 with a 454 big block 7.4L V8, 8" lift and 37" mud tires.  Turbo 400 automatic and 4 wheel drive.  It was restored and modified by me back in high school.  It has been my daily driver for almost 10 years and 200,000 miles!!!  She has endured  many shitty Michigan winters, years of hard driving, and a few accidents. Time and road salt have taken their toll, but it is still a solid truck, ready to do it all again.  It is still my daily driver and it will never be sold.  Some day it will become a TANKCO project and be stripped to the frame and everything rebuilt. The engine will be bored and stroked out into a 496 producing around 500hp. The body will be redone with heavy steel plate, but keep the classic Chevy style. The idea is to build a rat rod styled, Road Warrior kind of truck.  Bulletproof windows, body and tires for those questionable times, and a 200gal extra gas tank to bug out.

Tilling the garden with style.

YouTube Video

OOPS  That wasn't a puddle!!!
          more like quicksand