2 1/2 Ton Army Truck

-WANTED- Any waste automotive oils  (fuel for this truck)

This is the mighty "Deuce And A Half."  A 1962 military issue 2 1/2 Ton M109 shop van, originally used as a mobile repair shop and power station.  I plan on making the back of this old war rig into my armored "off the grid" camper house.  It is powered by an inline 6 cylinder, turbocharged multifuel engine.  Running on filtered waste motor oil it makes 134 HP and 330 ft-lb of torque, driving a 5 speed manual transmission and NDT mud tires it can go 50 mph max.  The Hercules LDT multifuel engine is similar to a diesel engine except it is designed to operate reliably on a wide variety of common petroleum fuels such as diesel fuel, jet fuel, kerosene, heating oil, even gasoline when mixed with some oil. It also runs normal when fueled with biodiesel, straight vegetable oil, used hydraulic oil, gear lube and automatic transmission fluid.  A true American brute.  Mobile TANKCO.

 What exactly is a "Deuce and a half"? Click this link M35A2