"Kettenkrad" Crawler Cargo Bikes

This is a German WWII machine they called the "Kettenkrad"

One of the few remaining originals, beautifully restored

I think they were on to something good back in 1940, what a great machine, that looks fun!  
I wanted to build this German tracked motorcycle right but affordable, while keeping historically accurate body lines.
Quite a challenge, but it slowly happened.
Learning my lessons from the SdKfz 250 Halftrack project, I engineered and built a prototype Tankco Kettenkrad. 

     Tankco Custom built                   Original German WWII  

No delicate parts, all solid steel and built for forever         Won't get stuck like everything else and it climbs steeper hills      
      A Kettenkrad is the perfect off road motorbike for any tough work or just for fun
This is a high performance, long lasting machine 
- Our basic model has a 20hp Honda V twin gasoline engine. 
- 5 speed stick shift Jeep transmission with an automatic CVT clutch.  
- Top speed 35 mph.
- Mechanical, cable pull turning brakes match handlebar movements
- Hydraulic squeeze lever brakes, for each side on handlebars, for skidsteer turning.
- All custom hand made, all steel construction
- Sale price $16,500 for a basic Kettenkrad
- Sale price $21,500 for a 30hp Diesel powered Kettenkrad 
- Approximate build time of 2 weeks
- Truck shipping available   (usually less than $2000 for anywhere in America)
 A real, driving condition, WWII Kettenkrad is in a museum, you can't find maintenance parts if you do have one, and it costs almost a quarter million dollars to get one!

A TANKCO Kettenkrad is cheaper, newly built, more powerful and reliable, 
plus it looks nearly exactly the same !!!

Construction photos
          Basic frame and drivetrain                                                          Almost finished wheels     Need details and holes cut


"There is nothing better than this vehicle in extreme terrain."