Tankco Custom Engineering LLC

  Owner / Engineer
 - Will Foster
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Email - Tankco42@yahoo.com

Designing Building Perfecting Since 2008

 "TUFFALO" Cargo Bikes    

   Simply the most useful thing on four wheels

  Built solid like a tank, drives like a motorcycle, hauls like a rig

Simple, reliable, long lasting and effective

YouTube Video

The SdKfz 250 Halftrack Replica

Our first and largest custom ordered build

more details on the Halftrack page

This is our half track, it was our largest and first customer funded project. 
It took about 2 years to build and about $30,000 total.  The start of Tankco.


Here are my favorite videos of it in action.  Filmed by the customer.

Priceless artwork in my opinion!!!  

Original Paintball Tiger Tank 

For paintball and fun, this is America's first replica tank with real tracks.

Tiger Tank

Oklahoma D-Day 09' its last major battle

 The  Tiger Tank  starte
d it all

   Tankco Kettenkrad Replicas

   Redesigned from original German machines

  This prototype Kettenkrad has recently SOLD

 Amazing off road capabilities

YouTube Video

   Compare to a restored German WWII Kettenkrad

"Kettenkrad" Crawler Cargo Bikes

The overall size and shapes are engineered to be the sam
e as original

        Our replica offers the same look and performance

                                For far less cost

"Kettenkrad" Crawler Cargo Bikes

Blueprinted, patented and ready for production

    My latest Masterpiece

Details and more on the Kettenkrad page.

Our basic version pictured above is built from 1/8 inch thick steel, it is a hand made, fully welded, hull tub, wheels, 
tracks and front motorcycle steering.   It is powered by a 10hp Diesel and CVT Automatic transmission.  
Full rubber torsion, trailer style suspension.  3/4 ton max payload.  
Fabricated steel wheels, fabricated steel track links on kevlar reinforced rubber belts.  
It has a weight of 1200lbs empty. 
It can tow through the toughest terrain with a standard 2 inch receiver hitch.
The automatic track brakes on each side match the handlebar movements for flawless steering ability.  
Squeeze lever handlebar controls left and right for manual track brakes.  Twist  style motorcycle throttle control.
Forward, Neutral, Reverse shifter control stick.
Anyone can drive it very easily.
Indestructible, solid and built for life.    Built like a tank.

Basic model as pictured here,   Sale pri
ce    *     $11,000     *

Top speed of 10 mph with lots of pulling power. 

The upgraded version has a 20 hp, V Twin Diesel.      Sale price     *     $19,000    *

Top speed of 20 mph with twice the pulling power.

All aluminum construction, add on option.     *    $10,000    *   Extra  *

Half the weight and the ability to float on water.

Rubber belt, street friendly track system, add on option.      *    $4,000   *   Extra  *

This track rolls much smoother and feels like tires on the street.  Much lighter and faster too.  

True tank drive, add on option.    *   $6,000   *   Extra   *

A hydraulic drive system or hydrostatic transmission, giving it fully independant, skid steer style, full track control.
In addition to the standard motorcycle steering.

Anything else is possible too.

A super modified prototype can be built with a 4 cylinder 1000cc motorcycle engine and standard motorcycle
 transmission.  Imagine the speed and power.