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Getting Ready for Your First Meet
  • A Few Weeks Before a Meet
  • Discuss which events you should enter in with your coach.
  • Enter the meet.
  • Discuss arrival times with your coach.

Night Before a Meet

  • Pack a swim bag with goggles, team cap, (every swimmer should wear a team cap) towels, and dry cloths.
  • Pack an ice chest.
  • Bring chairs, blankets and sunscreen (0utdoor meets)
  • Good nights rest

Arriving at the Meet

  • Get there at the beginning of warm-ups.
  • Check In.
  • Locate team area and set up your stuff
  • Check in with your coach.
  • Warm-up

During the Meet

  • Stay warm/cool and dry (Meets in the fall and winter can be very cold, make sure to bring blankets and jackets. Meets in the summer can be quite hot, drink a lot of water)
  • Listen for your event numbers (remember officials will not hold the meet for you!)
  • Check heat sheet for your lane assignment
  • Report to your lane prior to your swim
  • Do not stand or walk in front of timers
  • Do not talk to officials during an event
  • Swim fast!