Reuben Simpson was born in Jamaica, W.I.  As a boy he was interested in electronics and enjoyed technical challenges.  He was accepted in the trade school but would have to wait until the next year to attend because of such a large enrollment.


He moved to Kingston and met the manager of  Swiss Watch and Jewelry Co..  He was given a job in the company as a gift wrapper, then store clerk, and finally delivery boy to their watch repair department to deliver work for estimates. He was fascinated with the loops, tiny parts and movements.  The company had a technical program to train students to assemble watches in a store setting and Reuben was asked to apprentice with them. He learned to take apart and interchange old watch parts, find material and assemble and disassemble them as well as polish and clean cases and crystals . He could now do a complete cleaning and servicing of all watches including antique and vintage ones. He became expert in hairsprings, pivoting, staffing etc.


While traveling in England, Reuben met a watchmaker who bought, traded and sold antique and vintage watches and this instilled the desire to start his own shop and concentrate on the older watches.


In 1988 he came to the United States and became a citizen.  He was hired by Padre Watch Co. as a watchmaker and then Weiz Manufacturing Co. In 1990 Reuben joined Nicolet and became the supervisor of their watch making department.


In 1997 Reuben opened his own shop in Maplewood, N.J. where his shop is today and works mainly for the trade and has clientele from all over the United States and abroad. He never turns down a chance to look at an antique or old vintage watch.