11.Hrustovačka Pećina - Hrustovačka Cave

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  The Hrustovačka Cave is named after the nearby village Hrustovo and is an especially adventurous and legendary attraction in the area. It is a karstic cave with a lot of fantastic and typical stalactite and stalagmite formations, which are in no way inferior to much more famous caves of this kind. Besides the various stalactite and stalagmite formations thereare two lakes in the cave. The first can be reached after about 2 ½ h and the second after 3-4 h. The first about 800 meters of the cave can be managed without professional equipment. The only things required are just lights and good shoes. No end of the cave could have been discovered until today. There are several legends about the cave, one is telling that during World War I two farmers escaped from their enemies into the cave and managed their way through it to Jajce.

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