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Bronze Memorials

Riverview Memory Gardens offer's Granite Bronze Memorials by Coldspring as well as Matthew's Bronze.  We believe bronze is the perfect material for memorialization because it is a durable metal whose beauty lasts through the ages.   We offer a diverse collection of memorials ranging from their simple designs to a completely customized  series casting your very own family photos into the bronze memorial.   

Riverview uses granite bases to set all of it's bronze markers, not concrete.  We also require a bronze vase on every marker for uniformity throughout the cemetery. 
We appreciate your memorial purchase at Riverview Memory Gardens.  Your purchase goes to restore the gardens, the drives and the buildings on the property as well as continuing in our tree preservation program.  A marker purchased at Riverview has added value for our families.   Bronze develops a beautiful patina over time much like the Statue of Liberty.  However, some people prefer to see the original bronze color on their loved one's marker.  We will refurbish a marker we have sold one time at no charge to the family.  We will also reset a marker purchased from us that has shifted or sunk into the earth over time.  We even warranty cracked granite on our markers for 25 years!   We know how important these added services are to you and your loved ones. 
We understand that sometimes unfortunate circumstances force us to need a marker suddenly and unexpectedly.  We try to ease the financial burden by offering zero interest financing for our families at time of need.  Please call the office for more details.