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Flower & Grounds Policy

March 15 through November 1 is our mowing and spraying season.  During that time all decorations must be contained to the memorial vase except veteran issued flags and flag staffs.  This allows our grounds crew to properly and safely mow, trim and spray the cemetery lawn.
Nothing is ever allowed on the bronze marker itself as it causes damage to the Diamond Coat on the memorial and will void the factory warranty.  Bronze markers will eventually wear to a beautiful patina similar to that on the Statue of Liberty after many years.  Some people wish to keep the original bronze color of the marker.   A marker purchased at Riverview can be refinished once at no charge to the family.  Markers purchased at Riverview will also be reset to accomodate any shifting or sinking. 
We encourage families to use grave blankets, wreaths and memory lights throughout the winter months.  During this time the vases should be turned down and stored to prevent freezing and cracking.  We do not replace lost, cracked or stolen vases.  Our grounds crew will remove any items still left at the grave after March 15th.
No landscaping materials such as, shrubs, perrenials, annuals, etc. are allowed on the grave.   Do not place any rock around the headstones.  The granite border of the bronze memorial is the border.  Rock will be removed. Trees may be arranged and purchased through the cemetery office if the location is approved.  All trees must be purchased through the cemetery. 
Artificial flowers will be removed and the vases turned down once they become discolored or wind damaged.
Memory lights and wreaths are not permitted during the mowing season.
Shepherd's hooks and wind chimes are not permitted.  Nothing can be placed on mausoleum walls except bronze lettering, uniform vases and veteran flags with holders.
Visitors are encouraged at Riverview Memory Gardens.  We are in the process of identifying and tagging all of our trees and shrubs and hope that the public finds them both beautiful and interesting.  
Dogs may be walked in the cemetery.  Please be respectful of others and clean up after them.  Waste receptacles are available throughout the gardens.
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