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Welcome to Darrelldoo.  I am your musketeer!

"How so?"  you ask, gentlefolk...
...quite simply: "The pen is mightier than the sword!"

You don't need me to clarify that for you, just ask the website owners post-Penguin (oh, the tears that have fallen in anger and frustration) and the page rankers who run the search engines across the world wide web!

Now, ask yourself yet another question:-
How many times, when you 'Google' something, do you ever venture past the first results page?  
Okay, the first one or two?
Hardly ever, I guess. 

In fact, the search result that appears number one on page one of the SERPS attracts 40% of all traffic for the keyword(s) entered.  When some searches are attracting in excess of 100,000 searches per month in the UK alone, that's a lot of traffic, potentially 1,300 hits per day on a 100k/month search term.

Think about keywords from a user point of view.

You enter what you're looking for and, if your search term is specific enough, the result is right there, bang on at the top of page one!
How come?  Why is that there? 

Google's algorithms work on many levels to bring what they perceive as the most (inter)active and relevant sites to suit what you're looking for to help both you as the user and its reputation as the provider.

Now, think about the writing on your website - what does your website look like in a Google Bot's eyes?

If it's your niche you're testing out (and everyone does it, c'mon!), why doesn't your website appear there? It doesn't matter how good your product, marketing strategy or website is if nobody ever sees it.  Does your website contain written content that a search engine would associate with the search term a user enters?  And in what percentage? 

You don't want to be downgraded for SPAM issues if there is too much.  Many webmasters have shied away from volume posting since the Penguin update.  But it's not so much the volume as the quality within the content that's key on the new Google landscape.

And another aspect, post Google Penguin update.  Thousands upon thousands of people, individuals, businesses and internet marketers (who really ought to know better) have invested mega-bucks on flash websites, blogs and e-mail marketing campaigns.  Yes, they've got pretty graphics, fancy menus, photo-shoots and web-hosting...
...but much of this investment is now in vain.  For one, it tells the prospect little about their business.  And secondly, the mighty G is also now penalising sites for having an inappropriate number of adverts compared to the content therein.

In truth, the only people who will ever see such sights (and I do mean sights, not sites) are directed there either because they're an existing customer, through absolute luck or an off-line salesperson has brought that prospect to the table with a business card. See, if you are going to the level of expenditure of an interactive website - yet another aspect Google is now looking upon with a favoured eye, go the extra mile.  Get your professional written content up to scratch, too.  Otherwise it would be like you buying a Lamborghini but not being able to afford the insurance or fuel!
Okay, the website may save you a few man-hours if it has an automated order system with regular customers using it, but that saving could soon be swallowed up by the hosting fees, IT maintenance, IT department's Starbucks tab...
...the list is endless.

Use this opportunity, this tool (that you had to convince the CEO to fund) as an extra field agent;a whole fleet of sales people couldn't call on as many people in a month as do search the internet, for the majority of sectors in the industrial marketplace.    Don't let it labour as a simple order-taker or an excuse for your IT department to indulge in countless hours of coffee shop meetings.  Get a professional writer to use their SEO knowledge to attract Google, Bing, Yahoo or any other search engine you care to name to come calling upon your site, rather than you having to send people to it.

In summary...
...Google checks your site for content.  If the content is too contrived, too advertisey, too spammy or deemed not relevant, it will not even make the Search Engine radar.  Likewise, if not enough people are viewing it - and more importantly, now, interacting with it, the website will slip down the rankings and end up in the Restaurant at the End of The Internet Universe on a perpetual coffee break - or at Starbucks with the IT department as they've got little to keep their eyes on.

Isn't it about time your business at least starting making a blip?


I am blatantly going to try to bribe you:- your first 400-500 article/e-mail/blog for $22.95!
This includes: SEO to post-penguin standard based on your keywords, Copyscaped and monitored in my private index to prevent article theft and, if you are unhappy with my first draft, one re-write to your revised instruction.
Please remember: Write First Time! -
any article will only ever be as good as the information you provide at the outset!
Just fill the form in, below, to start the ball rolling; I look forward to hearing from you!

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