Working Online
This is a collection of current events, websites and other links that are useful when woking online

Writings, articles and poetry:


My favorite poetry and other writings can be read through this link:

If you are confused and do not know what to do, this thoughts can help you

If you are in love and need something to say, try this link.

Inspired to write but can't find any topic? Click if we have the same wish

Death is not the end but the beginning of the second life, try this link it's so beautiful!

Brighten up yourr day with this poem called get started

I love you father, your memories will remain in us forever ( i Love this poem, just click the link below )


This is a good search homepage which will allow you to earn money for each searches that you make. Just click the logo to direct you to the page.

 Money making websites are just a click away, just select from below links and your on your way to start working at home



My Personal ways to earn money from internet

1. PTC - Paid to click websites, This websites offers its users an income each time the member click link , advertisement it also offers some links to get paid and play internet games.

2. Paid to write websites - Those are websites that pays all members by posting articles, poetry and any other writings , any other topic that a writer wishes to submit.

3. Paid to search - Those are websites that pay through using their search box. You can use the search box by any of your normal searches in the internet.


Money Making Websites:

1. - paid to write, submit articles,poetry and any writings that you want and earn money from it.

2. - paid to blog, earn money by using adsense product. Just click below referral link to direct you to the site

3. = this is unique site wherein you get paid through referrals and discussion, click the link to direct you to the site. This is my most recommended sites.

4. = this website pay you as you use it, it pays you to blog, to upload picture and many more. It works just like Just click te above link and visit the page to get you informed and soon get you started. This is a legitimate site also my recommended sites


= this websites works when you are great in giving out referrals. Just like any other websites, you can earn here more if you're best at referring friends to use the site. Just click the above link.



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