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  • October News
    Hello Webelos! 10/27/14

    The Wolf den is already planning our Thanksgiving Feast and we get to bring....desserts!!   My favorite thing to bring at Thanksgiving. Please see the attached flyer for more information on our celebration.  ---Mrs. Valek
    Attached is the flyer for this year’s Thanksgiving Pack Meeting on Nov. 17th.  

    As part of a service project, this Monday I will be delivering to each den empty stockings from the Salvation Army to be filled and returned by the pack meeting.  They can be filled for an elderly person or child. Please label CHILD on any stocking for a child. Also note they do not want us to put any chocolate in the stockings.  These can be filled with personal items like tooth paste, soap, deodorant, small toys from the dollar store, socks, pens, note pads. Just a few ideas.

    Jane Harris / Wolf Den

    Hello Ghostbusters!

    Please see the attached flyer for this Monday's Halloween Party, always a ghoulishly good time. This might be the time for us to bust some ghosts; but, don't cross the streams!!!    

    If you don't already have your awesome costume, we could all dress up in Ghostbuster themed costumes.  We'd need a few green ghosts, some scouts in lab coats with backpack contraptions & light sabers, . What do you all think?

    We are responsible for bringing the beverages.  Please "reply to all" what you would like to bring.  We have the ice there but we will need cups. In the past we have had apple cider, bottled water and soft drinks, but we are open to your imagination!

    Laura Valek

    10/12/14  Hello Ghostbusters!

    Give your thanks to Mrs. Berkowitz for arranging our Go See It for tomorrow.  Alert! The venue has changed. 

    In keeping with our discussions of nutrition for the Fitness Badge, we will meet at TCBY at the corner of US 41 and Bee Ridge at 6:00. (in the plaza with Einstein Bagels and Silverburg Diamonds).  The owner will give us a tour of his business and we can enjoy some yogurt! We can discuss where this goes on our nutrition plan.

    Fitness Activity Badge.
    If you need help with your 'Menu plan', please bring it to TCBY tomorrow. Also, please remember to keep a food diary this week, if you have not already done one.

    Family Member Activity Badge
    Keep working on your Family Member worksheets
    If you took your blue folders home, please bring them tomorrow night. 
    Fun Activity:  Go to the TCBY website:  http://tcby.com/menu-nutrition/soft-serve and roll over the yogurt cup to see the nutritional information and ingredients.  

    • Compare Mrs Fields Chocolate Chip Cookie to Ruby Red Grapefruit sorbet.  
    • Which one works best in your menu plan.  
    • How many servings of sweets do you have planned for your menu? How many did you eat based on your food diary. 
    • How many servings are recommended by the USDA/food plate.
    Who you gonna call?
    Akela Valek
    Posted Oct 27, 2014, 4:15 PM by Webbie Akela
  • Webelos have been busy
    They will be expecting us at 6pm at Tcby paradise plaza on Bee Ridge.  
    Bruce Weir, the owner of this TCBY mentioned making sundaes at the end of the tour
    If not free, Jeff and I will cover sundaes for the boys as a birthday gift celebration,
     since Charles' birthday is the 14th. 


    Hello Ghost Buster Patrol, 

    Please see the email below from Jane Harris, out advancements chair.

    Great meeting on Monday!  Many thanks to Mr. Romanczuk for teaching our Webelos about the Family Member activity badge; the boys had a lively discussion and started on their work sheets.  The scouts should have come home with a workhsheet to complete with you and your family.  Please make time to help them through this Activity Badge; it is meant to be done as a family!

    The scouts should also have come home with a small slip of paper listing the re quirements for the Heritage badge.  If they want to get this belt loop at the next Pack meeting,they need to complete the worksheet for Heritage this weekend, and let me know. The requirements are listed again below.

    Requirements for the Heritages Belt Loop

    Complete these three requirements:

    1. Talk with members of your family about your family heritage: its history, traditions, and culture.
    2. Make a poster that shows the origins of your ancestors. Share it with your den or other group.
    3. Draw a family tree showing members of your family for three generations.


    Hello Ghost Busters!
    Below is the info for Ashton's Bike Rally. This is a cool event; a great way for our Scouts to give back to our sponsoring school.  Do we have some Ashton families that would like to go to this?

    Mrs. Valek
    An event has been posted that you may have an interest in attending as a member of Pack 100. At the end of the event please check back for photos or for your own contributions to share with the pack.
    "Kindergarten Bike Rally" is coming up on Thursday, October 09, 2014.
    Here are the event details:
    Date/Time:Thursday, October 09, 2014, 5:30 PM to 7:30 PM
    Location:Ashton Elementary School
    Notes:Bike First Aid Stand and provide first-aid stand and provide first aid supplies for the bikers.  RSVP to Molly H by Oct. 7th

    Hello Ghostbuster Patrol,

    Fall weather is here!  Let's get out and enjoy it and hold our meeting outside tomorrow.

    Mr. Romanczuk (aka Joey R's dad) will be running our meeting tomorrow for  "Family Member" Activity Badge. The plan is to discuss questions #1, 2 and 3 during the meeting. We will begin a discussion on #8, then the Webelos will go home and plan a family fun night:).  

    Questions #4-6 are easy and are completed with your family.  I have worksheets to help guide you through the questions. Finally,# 12 requires that, as a Webelos, our Scouts earn the Heritage belt loop. There is a small strip of paper that has the requirements for this loop. If you earned it at an earlier rank, you must earn it again as a Webelos. Below is a link to the complete requirements. 

    The requirements for Family Member are in the Webelos Handbook and are attached.

    Upcoming Dates:
    October13 - Sue Berkowitz has arranged for our Webelos to get a behind the scenes tour of McDonalds at the corner of Bee Ridge and Cattlemen. More info coming soon.
    Oct 17-19th is Cub Extravaganza at Camp Miles.
    Oct 20th is the Pack Halloween Party. There will be a costume contest, games, and maybe some food!  if you have any great Halloween themed games, please let Jeff Berkowitz know.   
    Oct 25th: there is a Haunted Hike (District Event) at Camp Flying Eagle (CFE).  
    Oct 27th Den mtg

    Nov 7th is Webelos Activity Weekend.  We should have a good turnout for this event.  I will send the class schedules later.  If you would like for your Webelos to attend, but are having logistical challenges, please let me know if I can help.
    Nov 11 - Veteran's Day  - wear your uniform to school with pride.  Pack 100 will have a flag raising ceremony at Ashton. 
    Nov 15th - Scouting for Food Service Project - After we distribute bags, we will meet at Urfer park to work on our Craftsman Badge. If you have a bike, helmet, and/or tools, please bring them. For lunch we'll plan a picnic; probably sandwiches from Publix down the street.
    Nov 22 - Scouting for Food bag collection - bring your muscles and your running shoes.

    Have a great Monday!
    Mrs. Valek

    PS: here is a link to ebay for cub scout uniforms
    REMOVED PER BSA guidelines
    PPS: If you have not purchased a Webelos Handbook (you really need one)  here is a link to the on-line book. http://cubpack262.com/resource/Webelos_Handbook.pdf


    I just spoke with Nancy Vafeas and she advised that the Webelos Weekend classes are filling up fast!  (Outdoorsman closed already)  So I need to know ASAP/today  if you will be attending the Webelos Weekend on Nov 7th-9th.  Cost is $25 per scout & $25 per adult.  If you have not paid, it is important that you bring a check made payable to Southwest Florida Council for $25/pp to next week's den meeting and give to Nancy V or me! We have to send the money in to confirm our reservation.

    If your scout wants to be a Super Achieverthis is the best, perhaps only,  way to get that done is to attend these Webelos Weekends. They offer 4 badges and 1 Scout Skill or up to 5 badges during the weekend. 

    So far Michael D, Cameron and Simon are registered. They are taking Citizen, Engineer, Forester, Naturalist and Geologist. (tentative)

     I need a commitment ASAP and money on Monday.  Thanks!

    Webelos Weekends
    October 24-26  Troop 23 Webelos Weekend at CFE
    Nov. 7-9 th        District Webelos Weekend @ CFE
    December 12-14  Troop 100  Webelos Weekend . Location TBA

    Hello Webelos, 

    The Cub Extravaganza is coming soon!  THis is a great event for our Webelos. These district events are the only times for our Webelos to shoot BB guns and Archery. These are usually the boys favorites!  

    So far we have MIchael Dunn, Cameron Walburn and Simon Valek going to Cub X.  The Harris family cannot attend.  .     
    Please let Michelle know if you can make it, even if you just come out for the day! 


    If you've never experienced Cub-Ex you are in for a real treat! Carnival games, rock climbing, bounce house, canoeing, fishing, BB gun shooting, Archery, movie under the stars, campfire program with 4th of July style fireworks are just a few of the amazing activities you will have to enjoy with your family.

    I have attached a packing list to help guide you. It is only a guide. Please tailor it to your family's specific needs.

    So far I have 13 families registered:
    Dunn- 3
    Smith- 3
    Rentschler- 4
    Olson- 3
    Jones- 5
    Negroni- 5
    Patrick/ Walburn- 3
    Savwoir- 5
    Weller- 3
    Flint- 2
    Jeffrey- 2
    Prieur- 4
    Valek- 2
    Michelle D
    Cubmaster Pack 100

    Hello Webelos I families, 
    One more item!  Looking at all the upcoming events,I realize we really need to have a parent meeting soon.  This is short notice, but I would like to have a parent meeting this weekend, Sunday 3-5  to answer any questions and to plan our camping and activity badges.  Please let me know if you would be available for this. We could meet at Urfer Park with bikes and helmets and could have the kids practice Bike Hike safety then dismiss them to play with an adult to supervise while we go over the calendar, camping etc. 

    I will discuss this at the meeting, but please email me if you can make it this weekend. 

    Regards,  Laura Valek  504-8692

    Upcoming Events: 

    Oct 17th-19th  : Cub Scout Extravaganza  at Camp Miles.  $35.  Great way to earn belt loops and pins in Archery, BB shooting, rock climbing...  and maybe our Patrol can do some foil charcoal cooking...

     Oct 20th : Pack meeting Halloween Party.

    Oct 25th : Haunted Hike at Camp Flying Eagle.

    Nov 7th-9th:  Webelos Activity Weekend - District Event. We really want all of our Webelos at this event! Many Activity badges and fun!  

    Hello Ghostbuster Patrol and families, 

    It was great to see our Webelos all dressed in their Class A's at the Pack meeting giving our new Ghostbuster Patrol yell!   The website below is a company that can make our patrol patches.They cost about $3 a piece and we will order for the whole patrol.  The patch is the ghost patrol, so we aren't dealing with a copyright infringement :)      www.patchtown.com/patrolpatches. p 8
     If we have time tomorrow after we work on advancements, we'll work on our flag. 

    For tomorrow's Den meeting please remember to:
    Wear your Class A
    Bring $1 dues ( remember you should complete a special chore to earn your dues)
    Bring your Webelos Book
    Be ready for fun!

    AGENDA - Sept 22
    Gathering 5:50-6:10: play team building games 
    Opening Ceremony : Grady Harris is this month's denner. He will lead us in the Pledge, and reciting the Scout Oath and the Scout Law. He will also collect dues. Thank you Grady!
    As a Webelos you need to understand what the Oath and Law mean; you don't yet have to memorize it. We will have handouts for you to use.  We will try to get all of our Patrol complete with the Bobcat Badge this week. 
    The Meeting: We will work on our Fitness Activity Badge. This has several items that have to be completed at home (Home Assignments HA). I will hand out sheets at the meeting. We will work on the Ghostbuster Patrol flag if time permits.

    Upcoming Events
    Oct 17th-19th  : Cub Scout Extravaganza  at Camp Miles.  $35.  Great way to earn belt loops and pins in Archery, BB shooting, rock climbing...  Please make every effort to bring your Webelos to this event! See attached flyer.  We'll discuss camping packing lists later. 

    Oct 20th : Pack meeting Halloween Party.
    Oct 25th : Haunted Hike at Camp Flying Eagle.
    Nov 7th-9th:  Webelos Activity Weekend - District Event. We really want all of our Webelos at this event! Many Activity badges and fun!  


    Who you gonna call??

    Go Ghost busters....
    Mrs. Valek

    Wow, great turnout tonight!  Thank you for your efforts recruiting at Ashton!  Our final count was 10 in attendance and 2 that didn't make it tonight.  Huge "thanks!" to Susan for keeping the meeting on track. She is also going to work with our new Scout, Cameron, to get him through his Bobcat.  If anyone has a connection with this family, please let me know.  We came up with a patrol name: Ghostbusters.Love it.  Patrol Flag coming soon.   Laura

    Hello!  9/5/14
    If your son went to CFE Summer Camp this summer, please scan and email me the sheet with the achievements they completed. If  they completed any belt loops or pins, let me know which ones. 


    PS:  Jane Harris has the achievements for Two Rivers Summer Camp, so we'll have those in shortly. I would like to have all the info in by this Mondays meeting so we can adjust our calendar as needed.  :)

    Hello Webelos Families! 9/4/14
    Summer is gone :( but get ready for an awesome activity packed Fall! 

    I hope all of you can attend the Ashton Recruitment night, tonight 6:30 to 7:30. This is your chance to bring a recruit a fellow classmate and earn your Recruiter Badge!   

    Then we have a Pack Service project Saturday morning 8am to 12 at our Charter Organization, St. Thomas More.  Boys, this is your chance to 'attack' the invasive plants in the woods.  Wear your Class B and bring gloves and wear protective clothing, those air potatoes can get nasty!

     Monday Sept 8 is an 'organizational' Den meeting.  Please wear your class A and bring your Webelos Book.  We will choose our patrol name and maybe start on our flag. Wear your Webelos Hat and neckerchief with your Class A on Monday. Parents, please make sure that you have a Webelos book and bring it to the den meetings and campouts   Parents please plan on having at least one parent attend Monday night. 

    Please email me a copy of what your son completed at the summer camps or any beltloops or pins they earned. See Mrs, Harris and Ms. Smith's email below

    The Webelos year is busy!   There are many camp outs where the boys can complete many of their badges and I would like to visit Crowley, Ringling Art Museum, Guide Dogs, etc.  (I am working on related badges)  Parents, please make every effort to attend these camp outs.  Our Calendar is attached.  Keep an eye out for any changes. The Raingutter regatta moved to April 18th.

    Laura Valek 

    Hello Webelos!  6/16/14
    Three weeks of summer ; whoo hooo! I hope you are having fun. Attached is a very long letter (sorry) that has some good information about our upcoming Webelos year and some things we need to get done this summer. Please take a few moments to read it. Thanks! 

    In the attached letter I ask each family to lead one or two Webelos Activity Badges. Please think of where your talents and passions lie and let me know what you would like to do. When I get the list of what each Cub completed at camp we can adjust. 

    Happy Summer!

    Akela Laura
    PS:  We will be going to the Siesta Key Beach Run tomorrow (Tues.) night (not a BSA event) and we would love to see all of you there.We usually set up near the blue or green life guard stands.
    Posted Oct 27, 2014, 4:07 PM by Webbie Akela
  • 2012-2013 Webelos Photo album
    Please take a moment to view and add to the "2012-2013 Webelos" album at

    Please also add any moments to the existing albums or start a new album to share with the pack.
    Posted Mar 15, 2013, 9:46 PM by Webbie Akela
  • Hello Webelos
    It's time to get ready to graduate to the ranks of Boy Scouts in February.  This will be a very busy and fun year for our den.  Lot's of camping, visiting several troops in our area, and having lots of fun.  Congratulations on a great journey so far, we are all proud of your achievements!

    Webelos Troop Visit
    Troop #23. Please check with Jerry if you are not sure.
    Posted Apr 2, 2013, 9:52 AM by Webbie Akela
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What the entire Pack is "Doing" Together... 
  • Tonight's meeting We had a very productive meeting tonight and we will see minutes ASAP as they are approved.BALOO training is March 5th, please contact Devin for more information.
    Posted Jan 14, 2016, 5:32 PM by Unknown user
  • 2014 - 2015 School Year Dec. 15th, Pack Meeting, Holidays Around the World Dec. 12th, Webelos Activity Weekend (District) Dec 5th, (District Events) Cub Scout Winterfest / Broke Back Dog Challenge Nov. 22nd, Scouting for Food ...
    Posted Oct 23, 2014, 11:15 AM by Webbie Akela
  • Additional Possibilities? July 26, 2014 AMF BowlingHave a ball as you knock some pins and escape the summer heat. $6.50 pp covers 2 hours 8/2/2014 Fishing at Hart ...
    Posted Aug 11, 2014, 7:26 PM by Webbie Akela
  • The summer is over Hello Pack 100 Families,On behalf of the Pack Committee, we hope you have had a great summer! As we prepare to move into the new school year, we wanted ...
    Posted Aug 11, 2014, 7:02 PM by Webbie Akela
  • Summer Bash with a Splash! Hi Pack 100 families!It's here! Our end of summer bash at the YMCA Splash Park is this Saturday, August 9th from 10-2:00 . Cost is $7.50 ...
    Posted Aug 9, 2014, 12:07 PM by Webbie Akela
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Our Goals  
Webelos is a 20 month program for 4th and 5th grade boys to prepare to join a Boy Scout troop while learning outdoor skills and participating in 20 different activity badges. A well-run group of Webelos is a gradual change from being an 'adult-run' den to being a 'boy-run' patrol ready to fit right into an adventurous scouting troop.

Summary The Webelos program has two major milestones - the Webelos rank badge to be earned at the 4th grade level and the Arrow of Light to be earned at the 5th grade. The final part of Webelos is bridging over into a Boy Scout troop selected individually by the scout.

Is your Fourth Grader thinking about Scouts?
Then you probably have some questions...
Email the Den Leader and leave your phone number.  Den Leader's like to help parents too.

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