(NEPALI LERNEN)


Also you can remember me to translate from english to nepali  and vice versa is also available!!!

It is never too late to learn ! 

Are you planning on doing an internship or practical training in Nepal? Are you planning to visit Nepal to learn about its cultural diversification and natural beauties? Or perhaps you are interested in learning Nepal’s language? The answer to all these questions has already been solved for you because now there is a Nepali language teacher near you(with four years of teaching experience). If you are interested in other cultures and languages, why not learn Nepali? In one easy step you can start learning Nepali (in English as well as in German) and discovering more about its culture from a native speaker. And the good thing is your English doesn’t need to be perfect.

I offer the following:

  1. Basic or Intensive courses from 1 week up to 6 months

  2. Advanced courses (in Roman or Nepali script)

  3. Conversational Courses

  4. Private tutoring

  5. Reasonable and affordable tuition on a per hour basis

  6. Flexible times

  7. Corrections and advice via e-mail.

Persons planning to visit Nepal will be counselled beforehand and once in Nepal, we offer you support and connections.



Some of nepali words are as follows:

Nepali               English            German

namaste            greetings         Gruß

dhanyabaad      thank you        danke

khaanu              to eat               essen

jaanu                 to go                gehen

mero/naam        my/name          mein/Name

raamro              good                 gut

why not to learn a bit nepali?