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7 Well known

7 Well known-people, places, events, artifacts

Netjerkhet at Sakkara

Sneferu at Dahshur, Meidum and Seila

Hatshepsut at Karnak and Deir el-Bahri

Djehutymes III at Karnak and Deir el-Medina

Amun and Aten

Akhenaten and Akhetaten

Akhenaten and Nefertiti and their family at Amarna


Style of statues and reliefs of Akhenaten and Nefertiti and their daughters

Changes in Akhenaten’s names

Changes made by Akhenaten in religion

Pharaohs between Akhenaten and Tutankhamun

Akhenaten reviled as a criminal

Use of Amun in pharaohs’ names after Tutankhamun

What treasures of Tutankhamun to look for in museums?


Peaceful reign of Amenhotep III

Rise of influence and power of Tiye

Appearance and rise to power of Aten

Opposition of followers of Amun to Amenhotep IV


Multiple Heb Sed festivals or celebrations

Co-regency between Amenhotep III and Akhetaten

Rise of influence and power of Nefertiti

Construction of new temples in East Karnak

Changes made by Akhenaten to four of his five names

Move from Thebes to Akhetaten

Development of Akhetaten

Departure from and destruction of Akhetaten