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(A word portrait of the artist's life, accomplishments, and interests)
A Poetic Sensibility:
Those paintings which most fully express the spiritual world, the soul of humanity, a sense of the Divine.  I have never been able to shake off my childhood conviction that this world is a world of magic and wonder, and our existence here on this planet, and the existence of the universe itself, is somehow improbable, ultimately inexplicable and mysterious. 


Vincent Van Gogh, Paul Cezanne, Paul Gauguin, Picasso, Matisse, Joan Miro, Alan Davie, J. M. W. Turner, German Expressionist Painting, Michel Angelo, Abstract Expressionism, M. C. Escher, Chinese Painting, Japanese Painting, African Art, Egyptian Art, Art Today, Modernism in Art, Gothic Art, Neolithic Art, The Book of Kells, I Ching, William Blake, William Shakespeare, Robert Graves, Homer, Leonard Cohen, Friedrich Nietzsche, Marcus Aurelius, Buddhism, Mythology, The Four Gospels, Dante, Zen Mind Zen Brush, Jesus Christ, Ancient Verse, Modern Poets, Ovid, Lao Tzu. 

Where lived:

Imagination, Pictures, Paintings, Art Galleries, Museums, Books, Bed-sits, Artists studios, Pyramids, Golgotha, Libraries, Flats, New Towns, Old Cities, Mind, Body, Heaven, Hell, Past, Present, Future, Poetry, Painters, Poets, Scientists, Sea, Sky, World, Earth, Liverpool, Sunderland, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, London, Skelmersdale.

Where live:

With paintings and brushes, with studio space, with bed-sitting room, with solitude and silence, with a Buddha statue, with a Greek vase, with a Japanese vase, with framed pictures of paintings by Modigliani, with book cases, with leather chairs, with a photograph of Billy Holiday, in Skelmersdale, in West Lancashire, in England, in the UK, in Europe. 

Schools attended:

School of Poetic Verse, School of Scoundrels and Reprobates, School of Lost Souls, School of Devils and Gods, School of Law Breakers, School of Thieves, School of Dancers, School of Philosophers, School of Comedy and Joke Tellers, School of Dreamers, School of Peace Makers, School of Truth Tellers, School of Song, School of Rich Men, School of Poor Men, School of Strife, School of Art.


I was born in Liverpool on 25th August 1957. The first school I attended (for two months!) was St. Aloysius Catholic Primary School, twig lane, Roby; moving with my parents at the age of five to Oban road in Anfield, a stone’s throw away from Liverpool FC Football Club. There I attended All Saints Catholic Primary School during the week and on Sunday went to Mass at the local RC Church.

My parents showed their religious tolerance and open-mindedness to unfamiliar ideas by also sending me to a local Protestant Chapel to attend Sunday school – the contents of which I have no recollection of. In 1968 our family joined the exodus out of Liverpool by many Liverpool families to the New Town of Skelmersdale in West Lancashire. From 1973-1976 I study Art and Design at Wigan and Leigh College, and from 1976-1979 Art at the University of Sunderland.

 In 1982 I lived in Newcastle-upon-Tyne and was a member of the “Attic Group” of artists, holding a number of group exhibitions in the area. In 1987 I returned to Liverpool, and participated in group shows, including in 1987 with the “Bridewell Artists” at the Grundy Art Gallery, Blackpool; and in 1989 was chosen to exhibit at the “Merseyside Artists Four” exhibition at the Bluecoat Chambers Arts Centre; and also in the same year the “Merseyside Contemporary Artists”, at Senate House, Liverpool University.

In 1990 I moved back to Skelmersdale where I now have a painting studio. In 1999 I held my first one-man show at the Hanover Galleries in Liverpool. I have continued to be a prolific artist, producing a large number of drawings and paintings each year, and also, continuing to develop my artwork in new and exciting ways. I am currently a member of the West Lancashire Artists Network.

Selected Exhibitions:

2013   Online Exhibition / Profile Page @ Saatchi Online Gallery 

2011     Online Exhibition launched at the Maitland Gallery

2010     Open studio, Colinton, Skelmersdale

2009     Open studio, Colinton, Skelmersdale

2008     Open studio, Colinton, Skelmersdale

2007     Open studio, Colinton, Skelmersdale

2006     Open studio, Colinton, Skelmersdale

2005     Open studio, Colinton, Skelmersdale                             

2003     Chapel Gallery, St. Helens Rd; Ormskirk, Lancashire

1999     Hanover Galleries, Hanover Street, Liverpool

1997     Drumcroon Arts Centre, Wigan

              Open Art Exhibition, “The Forum”, St. Helens College

1989     Merseyside Contemporary Artists, Senate House, Liverpool University

              Merseyside Artists 4; Bluecoat Chambers Arts Centre, Liverpool

1988     Arts Centre, Skelmersdale

              Bridewell Artists Studios, Liverpool                     

1987     Bridewell Artists Studios, Liverpool

              Grundy Art Gallery, Blackpool

1984     Arts Centre, Skelmersdale

1983     Highgate Arts Centre, London

              Kew Studios, London

              Centaur Gallery, London

1982     Central Library, Newcastle-upon-Tyne

              Gulbenkien Theatre Gallery, Newcastle-upon-Tyne



SAATCHI GALLERY, Artist of the Year 2030;

Winner of TATE BRITAIN, Future Painting Prize 2031;

TATE MODERN, Artist of the Year 2031;

WALKER ART GALLERY, Modern Painting Prize 2032;

The prices paid for Maitland’s paintings at Sotheby’s and Christie’s,

and at other distinguished Auction Houses, in 2033, exceeds those paid for any previous artist’s paintings;

British Book, awards Poetry Prize in 2028 for his Collected Poems,

European Association of Writers,

Award him the Silver Pen in 2019 for his early writings on the joys of an artist’s life; 

and the Platinum Medal in 2030

For his Prose Writings on Artist’s and Art Theory

CBE for Services rendered to the Fine Arts, awarded, 2051.


Above is a, Predictive Poem: “Awards and Distinctions”: by the artist, Paul Maitland.

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