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Online galleries/ markets, and artist communities

1.  ArtBoost:  Art Boost is an online art gallery that is different from most sites available by allowing personal contact between customers and artists.  Sales are secure through PayPal.  Art Boost takes 15% of the sale price.  Art Boost is both a sales outlet and an online art portfolio. 


2.  ArtFinder:  Art Finder is a site that showcases original art, prints, and photography.  They have a large community of over 500,000 art collectors and growing.  Build a store for free with performance stats and insights free to help make better marketing decisions.  Artists pay 30% on artwork sales.  This is a juried site.  See the Art Finder, guide to selling art on their website.  


3.  Art Space showcases the World’s best contemporary art online.  It is a professionally organised site, and has a wide range of art for sale, including, Neo Expressionism. 


4.  Artsy:  Here you can learn and collect art from leading galleries, fairs, and museums from all over the world.  Artsy has a huge collection of arts that people look for from all over the world. 


5.  Art Pal:  Art Pal is a rapidly growing, and popular website; it is widely used by artists for the sale of their artwork; artists from all over the world can sell their work on the site.  The best thing about the site is there is no membership fee.  You also receive up to 95% of the sales price.  Visit this site at hhtp:// 


6.  Artplode:  Artplode does not charge any commission from buyers and sellers.  You can sell your art starting from £500 per piece.  Find more at 


7.  Artmajeur:  Artmajeur has been created to allow contemporary artists to present and sell their work by themselves, simply and intuitively.  The gallery offers buyers and collectors a direct relationship with sellers: privileged access to artists around the world, without intermediaries, and with prices direct from the artist’s studio.  


8.  Alamy:  We sell images.  We add 100,000 new images every day, sourced from photographers and photo agencies in 173 countries.  We pay photographers a higher percentage of the sale than our competitors and it’s easy to get your images online.


9.  Art Stack:  Art Stack is a way to discover, collect and share art you like or find interesting.   The new Pro Artist Pages are the best way for you to reach new collectors. "You’ll get more visits and make more sales than on your own website – plus, it’s easier to use!" 


10.  AbstractArtGallery:  Abstract Art Gallery free to register and you get a profile page.  You receive 80% of the purchase price and you will be responsible for shipping the item to the buyer.


11. is an online art gallery and Print on Demand platform for artists. makes 25% commission on original art sales.  Artists have the option to sell prints of their work using’s print on demand services and determine the mark up on the products.


12.  Artspring:  Artspring allows professional artists to build an artist website that includes marketing tools, newsletters and an inventory database.


13.  Artedio:  Artedio is a new online gallery concept for contemporary art and editions of renowned artists and young up-and-coming talents.  You can buy sought-after artworks and editions easily, safely and conveniently at the online shop.  


14.  Art Storefronts:  Build an art store website in minutes at  Get stunning design, state-of-the-art features, and first-class print fulfilment.  Sell your work on metal, acrylic, canvas, paper & more.


15.  Brush Strokes Online Gallery: is a free art gallery, focusing on aspiring artists.  Providing them with a platform to present their artwork worldwide.  Professional artists are welcome, the site offering an expanded reach to existing audiences through links to your website or blog.


16.  Behance:  Behance is a platform to showcase and discover work.  The network offers creative’s of all kinds a place to showcase their work to potential clients, as well as to connect with other creative’s. 


17.  Cafe Press:  Cafe Press turn your art into unique products and get featured on the site without having to worry about managing an online storefront.


18.  CG2 Gallery:  online gallery invites artists to submit work for display and sale on the site.  The gallery is an extension of the well established Cumberland Gallery, and arose out of the need to provide more  attention to promising emerging, mid-career, and national level artists with an emphasis on challenging, cutting edge, and evocative artwork.         


19.  The Carlos Reid Gallery:  A marketplace for the sale of fine arts online.  The gallery offers art collectors original works by Jean-Michel Basquiat, Tom Wesselmann, Renoir, Warhol, Damien Hirst, and George Condo.  Artist's are invited to send   submissions of artwork by email, to The Carlos Reid Gallery Online Artwork Submissions.   


20.  Deviant:  Deviant bills itself as “the world’s largest online community of artists and art lovers”, with 22 million users, over 65 million monthly visitors and over 2.5 billion monthly page views.  Every artist is an entrepreneur – at DeviantArt we provide the tools and community to support their creative and business development.”   


21.   Designbyhumans:  Design by Humans is a creative community of T-shirt design lovers.  From shopping for new graphic tees, organizing design contests and communicating fashion trends; they are a society of artists, fashion gurus, and expressive humans.  


22.  EBay:  EBay is a place where you can auction or sell your art at a flat rate as well as anything else you might want to sell online.  Artists with a specific niche have done very well on eBay.  Many artists open an EBay shop to sell their artwork.


23.  Etsy:  Etsy was a site created for artists to sell their original art to people around the world.  Etsy has a large community that supports and helps artists to learn how to sell their art.  Transaction and listing fees apply. 


24.  Ezebee:  A completely free platform to showcase your artwork, craft, and anything else you want to sell.  Get your own website, and keep your shop, social media, blogs, events, and customers all in one place.  A really creative community and big international marketplace all over the world.


25.  FASO:  FASO (Fine Art Studio Online) is a third party site that was built by artists for artists.  If you are interested in designing an online art gallery that allows you to sell art online and you are not computer savvy, FASO is a site you will want to consider using.  


26.  FineArtAmerica:  Fine Art America started as a Print on Demand site that specialized in high quality art prints.  They now allow artists to sell original art online as well as selling prints on merchandise like, mugs, iPhone cases and more. 


27.  Fine Art Multiple:  A marketplace for the sale of fine arts online.  You can buy and sell the best artwork on this platform.  Their goal is to make the most outstanding contemporary    and modern artworks accessible to art lovers everywhere.  


28.  GalleryToday:  Gallery Today is a juried site that connects buyers with artists to sell original signed art internationally.  They go above and beyond guaranteeing every painting will arrive in perfect condition.   Artists receive 70% of the sale. 


29.  GlobalArtExchange:  Global Art Exchange allows artists to list and sell original art online.  Listings are free and artists receive 80% of the sale.


30.  HarnGallery:  Harn Gallery is a curated marketplace that allows artists to sell affordable original art.  Their platform makes it easy to upload images and the artist receives 80% of the sale.  Artists are responsible for shipping the item.


31.  Imagekind:  An online marketplace offering artists a place to sell their art with print-on-demand, high-quality printing and framing options, a supportive community, and marketing tips.  Related: Imagekind Power Selling Tips


32.  Invaluable:  Invaluable claim to be the world’s leading online marketplace for fine art, antiques, and collectibles.  "One of the fastest growing e-commerce sites in the art world".  


33. MyStudioAssistant:  My Studio Assistant is a website provider that helps artists to build a professional e-commerce artist website.


34.  NewEra:  New Era is a publishing company; they are always on the lookout for talented and creative artists.  Most of the images they stock are sophisticated, and bridge the decorative and fine art ranges.


35.  Other Peoples Pixels:  One of the original sites offering websites for artists.  The templates are easy to use, do not require advanced web design and development skills, and you can typically get a website up in less than an hour.


36.  PosterLounge:  Poster Lounge is a renowned publishing house founded by an artist; they manufacture high-quality art prints on different materials.  


37.  Rise Art:  Rise Art is a curated art marketplace, helping connect talented artists with art enthusiasts worldwide.  An online art gallery with a twist, Rise Art is a community-based platform that showcases cutting-edge work from around the world. 


38.  Redbubble:  a free marketplace that helps thousands of artists to reach new audiences and sells their work more easily.  RB gives you access to a wide range of high quality products, just waiting for your designs to make them more amazing.  They coordinate everything from printing and shipping through to ongoing customer service, giving you more time to focus on creating great art and design. 


39.  Society6:  Society 6 is the leading print on demand website with a global audience and the highest number of visitors. 


42.  Spreesy:  Looking for a way to use social media to sell art?  Spreesy helps you leverage the power of social with one-stop shopping for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and online e-commerce storefronts. 


40.  Saatchi Art:  Saatchi Online is a popular site for artists, to market and sell their original artwork as well as prints.  


41.  The Squarespace solution:  An easy to use elegant solution to building your own website.  It’s kind of like a website in a box; you pay a monthly fee which gives you a domain name, hosting, and a fully integrated ecommerce system.


42.  Tictail:  Totally Free Online Store: Sounds too good to be true but Tic Tail really does offer a high quality online store that won’t cost you a penny.  It’s ideal for artists who want to sell their work online without breaking the bank to do so.

43.  UGallery:  UGallery makes it possible for everyone to own original art.  The expansive online storefront features professional artists from around the world, offering clients a diverse range of art at accessible prices. 

 44.  Washington Green:  Washington Green Fine Art is the leading art publisher and retailer in the country; their products are actively sought after throughout a network of retail locations in the UK and overseas.  Artists are encouraged to submit work for publication.

48.  Wonder Street:  Wonder Street is an invite-only platform, for designers and artists in the UK, to showcase and sell their creations online.

45.  Zazzle:  Zazzle is a site that allows artists to create an online store, and upload images to the site, they have strict guide lines as to what art can be displayed on the site and these must be rigorously adhered to.  This is a professionally organised site and is well worth a look. 

56.  Zatista: One of the best places online to buy and sell original artwork.  Zatista is an online marketplace created to connect buyers and sellers of fine and contemporary original art. 

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