The New British Art

Maitland. 2012. Oil on canvas. 188 x 195.6 cm. (PA107: £---)

   Painting: Oil on canvas. 187.96 cm x 196.85 cm.
Welcome to the MAITLAND GALLERY: discover some of the most innovative and 
Exciting Contemporary Paintings; The New British Art.  Here, on display, are Paintings, Sculptures,
and Drawings by the British  Artist/ Image-maker Paul Maitland.
Paintings displayed are for sale, please email the artist:  if you are interested in buying, or you require further information.  (Sales and Delivery by arrangement with the Artist).
“Maitland’s paintings reveal a strong personality, sure of himself, and determined to achieve his artistic goals; with an accomplished facility in the use of oil paints, and also to the undoubted quality and innovative zeal, he has brought to his art practice; the expressive application of colour to canvas being the activity 
which best suits his particular turn of mind – and is, in fact, his most enduring
and profound achievement.”   

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