Magenta Arts Workshops for Health and Wellbeing                              Newsletter Spring 2021 from Jenny at 4 High Buston

now in the studio, studio garden or on Zoom!


Dear Friends near and far,

Another wonderful spring to lift our spirits and have the dawn chorus ring in our ears and the bulbs appear in gardens and woodlands! I hope you also are coming out of the long hibernation in good spirits and good health. Here in Northumberland the local walks to the beach continue and sunrise every morning brings hope and new strength.

After all the months huddled by the fire or wrapped up completely before stepping outdoors, we can now open to the sun and light! And the children have been able to go back to school. Actually I miss our daily art and craft and music sessions in the studio! So I am ready to open up the studio in a few weeks for art sessions!

I have two clients for art therapy on Zoom which works really well, working with whatever materials they have to hand. Please call me for a chat if you think you’d like to try this.

 “ Ode to the Primrose!”



How strange that with Zoom we are able to meet with others from different countries and continents! I recently joined an art Course with fellow art therapists from Sussex, one in Canada, one in Germany, all chatting and showing our work on Zoom!  Beautifully managed and guided by Johanna Berger. The theme was Light Through Darkness and between online teaching and sharing work, we each explored the theme in our own environment. So I explored some cliffs looking for a cave but after a wonderful ended up in our nearby copse full of badgers diggings

and      Scots Pine trees. After sketching I painted in oils in my studio on a large canvas. Quite a challenge, but totally absorbing.

I was even encouraged to try some abstract painting and here is a smaller picture in that vein. Feel I could dive into this blueness!




Other news from High Buston is development of the camping and Shepherds hut, close to the badgers’ set and new pond.






The First Light of Advent is the light of stone-

Light that lives in crystals, sea-shells and bone

The second light of advent is the light of plants-

            Plants that reach up to the sun and in the breezes dance

The third light of Advent is the light of beasts-

 All await the birth, from the greatest to the least.

      The fourth light of advent is the light of Humankind.

The Light of Hope that we learn and understand.


Other news from Northumberland is a project in nearby Amble to light up our windows with transparent collages with the theme of Myths and Legends. I had to learn fast before guiding others in the local Womens Workshop Help Centre.  Here is my Selkie Myth and a jar candle decoration. With the dark evenings now it is lovely to brighten the windows!





Hope we can keep in touch and that life will be more real in the New Year!

   Much love from Jenny




From Jenny Blayney at 4 High Buston, Alnwick NE66 3QH     07909910107



 One art course I attended led to this painting. It drew together strands of my life here and has aspects of Light Through Darkness (the title of the course) as I explored the nearby copse with its Badger dens and Scots Pines.  I got out my oil paints and a large canvas for this one! Thank you Johanna!