Dear Deborah

Hallelujah, I believe i've seen the light. I just finished your book, and it has truely opened my eyes. I feel magnificent, its pure joy and for no specific reason other than 'I AM'. It all makes so much sense now. I will re-read it again and again for i consider it my most favourite book of all time. Phil- U.S.A

Hi Deborah

Thank you for this book it is very interesting and most helpful, thank you. James United Kingdom

Dear Deborah

 Wow this book has explained so much to me and answered so many questions i had about life thank you. Roy United Kingdom


Just to let you know i read the book and it is great. So great that i am using it as a training tool for my company. Thank you John - United Kingdom

Deborah that book is a very interesting book it has given me hope thank you. Grace - United Kingdom


Thank you i am going to read this book again it has helped me to realise who i am thank you Chris - United Kingdom

Dear Deborah

Thank you so much for writing this book i especially loved the piece about the boy and the Goddess and how to deal with negativity. It has really helped me thank you. Rachel- U.S.A

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