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             An opening letter from  Sri Sathya Sai Baba


Dear reader


May the Light of Divine understanding ignite the flame dormant within you to know who you truly are in self image, heart and mind. The Divine in you, the hope and glory.

May the Light of Divine Love pierce your heart and soul with the unquenchable fire of Divine Love. For you are the beloved and The I Am ( The Supreme Being, Infinite Intelligence, God, The Light Within You ) is your lover. Therefore may the lover and the beloved unite as one. ( One Power).

Dearest reader do not think for one minute that you are insignificant and cannot make a difference to the world and yourself and to know eternal joy in your heart. To feel happiness coursing through your veins everyday giving you motivational, joyful energy.  This world is dark so I have come to transform the darkness into Light helping you and humanity to evolve to its full potential of inner happiness. The right living of ultimate fulfillment and joy. May you evolve in your life time to understand inner happiness and eternal peace within you, replacing sadness with happiness, emotional pain with joy, poverty with wealth and depression with true expression. May you come to realize who you truly are - the beautiful Divine being that is you. Know yourself to Be, dear reader.

You are not your negative self image born in sin but made instead in the image of God which means you are the image of higher consciousness. Every thing you have done throughout your life, your decision making, actions, thinking and feelings have been based on how you see yourself and in seeing yourself you have reflected in the outer world your beliefs about yourself.

The lost esoterical teaching and meaning of Jesus is all about bringing back to mankind a message that was ‘lost’ in 300AD. Leaving the rest of the world with a very distorted image of Jesus and his teachings. Keeping people in fear of God and away from the truth of what Jesus was really all about. Jesus was a practical teacher, leader and business man. Since then this message has been kept in secret organizations throughout the world.

 It was a simple message for man to turn from seeing himself as the lower false self image – the negative ego, to the higher self image - the Divine within – the Divine ego, The higher self image of Divine beauty knowing his birthright of wealth, health, joy, peace, right living and happiness. This is explained later in the book.

Many of you, right now, are feeling the call of your heart, calling you to come home, which is your true - Divine state of being. Some of you are feeling spiritually homeless you have looked far and wide to find your place in life but did not find it. Many of you are experiencing mystical visions, stronger intuition, synchronicity, hunger for truth, deeper awareness and noticing a shift in man’s consciousness towards meaningful spirituality. Also many of you have received ‘A Truth’ and want to help humanity in its evolution of life but don’t know how and what medium to use. I say use what you love, be it writing a book, music, teaching, making a film, internet, television, singing in the street - just do it. Do not fear what other people will think. Do what you can. I am calling many of you now all over the world to rise up and help humanity, help one another in the evolution of life.

 Others of you are feeling a deep sense of frustration about the meaning of life. Some of you reading this are feeling suicidal, you cannot cope any more with the emotional pain deep within your heart caused by the wrong self image within you and your wrong beliefs about yourself, causing you to attract more of what you don’t want in life.

 I will show you, in this book, how to change the wrong concept of yourself and resurrect into the new you. The original beautiful you, with the right self image your Divine ego that will give birth to right actions, thinking and feelings within your mind. Setting you free to create wealth and happiness in your life. I will show you how to work with the Law of Adding – Attraction – the ultimate Law of the Universe. Knowledge is power and to have the knowledge in how to use the Law of the Universe- Attraction wisely will make you an extremely powerful person over your life.

It is for this reason that I wanted this book written and in a way that is simple, easy to read and understand. May the Light in you bless you as you read on. Let us now go on a journey together as the book unfolds itself to you for self discovery, your true identity, knowledge, power and healing.

       My eternal love to you


          Sri Sathya Sai Baba



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It is your birth right to be in a permanent state of bliss. This is what you are all inherently looking for. All of humanity is looking for happiness. To be immersed in that total state of permanent exctasy and bliss. Of course consumerism knows this all too well.  As Paul Mckenna rightly states in his book 'I Can Make You Rich' he mentions about Edward Bernays who was the nephew of Sigmund Freud, taught companies how to link the purchase of goods to peoples ego needs. The ego needs a means to find happiness outside of your self through social standing, people, circumstances and objects. But seeking happiness this way doesn't last and that is when suffering comes storming in.

Is it really possible to live in this world in a permanent state of ecstasy ? Well, yes it is.  When you are no longer tossed about by emotions, you are then able to make better decisions for your life. Instead of being troubled by something appearing negative to you, you are able to 'Let It Be' and in that mindset take right actions instead of a negative reaction. 

So How Can A Westerner Reach Inner Happiness - Enlightenment ?

When you are sick and tired of suffering you are near enlightenment. But you need to learn detachment of the conditioned mindset first. This is where this book comes in.

Ask yourself, if you continue on the path you are on, where will your life be in a years time ?

Are you willing to step out of your conditioned mindset, binded by its emotional highs and lows, and prepare for permanent bliss in your life ?    


My mission is to help others acheive this bliss state called Enlightenment- inner happiness

  It is by no accident that you are here. There is something for everyone in this book and if you are searching, the answer is in the book. These  teachings were not meant to be secret or lost!. They were for everyone, to liberate and heal the mind and soul. This book is for you to find your destiny, your soul purpose, inner healing, detachment from negative thinking and stepping towards  inner happiness - Enlightenment. 

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