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Katie wishes to play the flute, but discovers that because of her cleft lip and palate, it is more challenging than she had hoped.  With the help of her friend, Fay, Katie visits other children around the world who play different musical instruments, and who also have cleft lips and palates.  She decides to learn how to play a different instrument for now until her palate is fully repaired and she can try the flute again. 

Katie (although not her real name) really exists and is now 12 years old.

She lives in Belgium.

Katie plays the harp beautifully.

She has performed on television and has spoken with the Belgian Princess Mathilde on behalf of all children born with cleft lips and palates.

Katie was, and is beautiful!

Belgian author, Mariette Vermeylen-Nuyts is a mother of a child born with a facial malformation and for years desperately searched for insight into her family's plight.  During her quest, she came to realize that not only parents, but also afflicted children themselves have a need for information and recognition.  She could not find a single children's book in Belgium that addressed this problem, so she decided to write one herself. 

Mariette is the Chair of the Belgian Association for Congenital Facial Defects, VAGA vzw.  This self-help group, established in 1992, has been granted the Patronage of Her Royal Highness Princess Mathilde of Belgium for its outstanding achievements.

"Katie's Dream" is beautifully illustrated by Ann De Bode and has been translated into English by Mariette's daughter-in-law, Kerri Vermeylen, an American living with her husband and two children in Belgium.

"Katie's Dream" is a warm and gentle story of hope and optimism, of acceptance of the things in life that are not possible, and the triumph in discovering what can be achieved.  It is a story for all children with a different face, as well as their families, friends, classmates and teachers.