Security Software Links

Favourite Security Software's and Utilities... (All Free, all compatible with each other. Use them all, or any.)

Web Browser



LinkScanner Lite


Toolbar Cop




Most exploit code written for Web Browser's, is  currently being written for Firefox. If you must use Firefox, install these Two Add-on's.


If you think your PC's infected, click Here.

Real Time Anti-Malware Protection

AntiVir Personal

On Demand Anti-Malware Scanners

SUPERAntiSpyware (Pre-Release) (Don't let the name deter you, this is one of the best I assure you.)

Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware

a-squared Free

Online Anti-Malware Scanners


Jotti's Malware Scanner

Buffer Overflow Protection

Memory Firewall (Integrated into CIS.)

Phishing Scam Protection

Verification Engine

HDD Data/Software Protection

DiskShield (Comodo Time Machine)

Returnil (Awesome Security!)

Sandboxie (Like Returnil: Good for testing Applications.)

TrueCrypt (Guide: Encrypt System Partition/Drive)
(Prevents 'Password Reset/Crack' Boot-disks)

Password Safe

Secure Messages

SimpLite for MSN

Security Analyzers and Breachers

Secunia PSI

HackerGuardian Free Vulnerability Scan (Not tried or forgot)


Test My PC Security

Nessus (Advanced Users)

Kon-Boot (Reset Windows and Linux Passwords)

GFI LANguard (Not tried)

Updates & Patches

AutoPatcher (Semi-advanced)

Update Checker

WuInstall 1.1 (Command Line Windows Updates)

Enter your BIOS. In the ACPI/APM Section, set your PC/Laptop to switch itself on at 4:00AM every week. Boot into Windows. Set your Returnil 'System Protection' to be Disabled for 1 hour every week (from 4:00AM). In the Windows 'Task Scheduler', set this Batch File (WUInstall.bat) to Run at 4:05AM. Set Antivirus and all other Updates to Run during the 1 hour 'Disabled System Protection' period. Don't set Tasks to Run at the same time as each other, or over-lap each other. Set a full Malware Scan to happen last, and Tick the box that says, "Automatically Shutdown after Scan", and/or create a Shutdown Script to Run at 5:00AM.

Use the 'Returnil System Folder Relocation Tool' with 'MakeMeAdmin' from each Windows 'User' account to give them extra abilities.

Note: Sadly, 'Google Chrome' cannot be installed to another Partition, nor can you change the path for Cookies/Cache/Temp' Files. You can Save your MSN History on another Partition, including TrueCrypt Partitions.

- Tested on Windows XP Professional.

[ WUInstall.bat ]

@echo off
start C:\WuInstall\WUInstall.exe /install /criteria "IsInstalled=0 and Type='Software' and AutoSelectOnWebSites=1" /reboot

... Now that's Serious Security.

Example One of a possible One Hour Schedule:

  • 3:50AM = Shutdown Script + 5 Min Warning Message.
  • 4:05AM = System Restore Point Script.
  • 4:10AM = Registry Backup.
  • 4:13AM = Registry Clean.
  • 4:17AM = NT Registry Optimizer.
  • 4:20AM = Reboot Script.
  • 4:25AM = AntiVir Updates.
  • 4:30AM = Windows Updates.
  • 4:45AM = AntiVir Scan.
  • 5:00AM = Shutdown Script.

Example Two of a possible One Hour Schedule:

  • 3:50AM = Shutdown Script + 5 Min Warning Message.
  • 4:04AM = Audio Alert. (Wake) Lauren AT&T
  • 4:05AM = System Restore Point Script.
  • 4:10AM = Registry Backup.
  • 4:15AM = Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware Update.
  • 4:20AM = Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware Scan.
  • 4:30AM = Windows Updates.
  • 4:59AM = Audio Alert. (Sleep)
  • 5:00AM = Shutdown Script.

Shutdown + Warning Script: [ Shutdown5Min.bat ]

Audio Alert: [ AAwake.wav ] (Wake)

System Restore Point Script: [ CreateSRP.vbs ]

ERUNT Registry Backup Script: [ ERUNTAutoBackup.bat ]

Reboot Script: [ Reboot.bat ]

Shutdown Script: [ Shutdown.bat ]

Malwarebytes' Update Script: [ mbam_update.bat ]

Malwarebytes' Quick Scan Script: [ mbam_quick_scan.bat ]

Audio Alert: [ AAsleep.wav ] (Sleep)

VLC Screensaver Script: [ YouTubeVLCscreenSaver.bat ]


Many BIOS's only allow Two RTC Wake/Resume Options:

1. Every Day.
2. One Day per Month.

This means you can either set your PC to boot up at 4:00AM Every Day, or select a number between 1 & 31. If you select 1, the PC will Auto' Boot on the 1st Day of every Month.

Bad News I know. :(

It means you will have to keep changing Returnil's 'Disabled System Protection Day' every Month! (Before the Auto' Boot.)

Every Month should be fine, but every Week would have been perfect!

Maybe CTM (Comodo Time Machine) won't have this problem?

It all depends on how they build their 'Scheduler'.

I would like to set it to Disable itself on say, the 1st Day of every Month for example. For 1 hour.

AntiVir has a great 'Scheduler', but 'Months' are not an Option in their GUI.

Fix for Google Chrome Updater v Returnil compatibilty...

  • Go into your Windows 'Task Scheduler'.
  • 'GoogleUpdateTaskUser******' is to Update Chrome.
  • Right-click>Properties>'Schedule' Tab.
  • Change 'Schedule Task:' from 'When idle' to 'Monthly'.
  • Now create a Shortcut to Update 'Chrome' Manually when Returnil's 'System Protection' is Disabled...
schtasks /run /tn "TASKNAMEINQUOTES"
  • Right-click the 'Scheduled Task' and select 'Rename' to Copy the full 'TASKNAMEINQUOTES'.