Reducing Heart Disease & Stroke by RiskFactor Modification

International Cardiac Healthcare & RiskFactor Modification

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International Cardiac Healthcare & RiskFactor Modification

ICHARM is an initiative to reduce heart disease and stroke in all countries in the World, by encouraging healthier lifestyles and improving levels of diagnosis, investigation & treatment of heart & circulatory disease. The project is of universal application and can be tailored for implementation in any developed or developing country.

· Every year, worldwide, 17 million people die from these conditions. Another 20 million survive and require costly medical care.

· It is universally recognised that factors such as alcohol, tobacco, inappropriate diet, obesity, physical inactivity, stress, high cholesterol, raised blood pressure, and diabetes all significantly increase the risk of developing heart disease and stroke, and all can be positively modified.

ICHARM Management has assembled an experienced and skilled International team to deliver this project. 

ICHARM is collaborating closely with the World Bank, WHO, Ministry of Health & Social Development Russian Federation, Ministry of Health Bashkortostan Republic , International Business Leaders Forum & the State Scientific Research Centre for Preventive Medicine, Moscow.