You need to activate Hulu on your device to watch it on the same device. To do this you need to create an account first on hulu.com. Then with the help of the device’s activation code, you can activate your device. This will allow you to access a huge library of movies and videos on your TV. So, let us figure out the complete process of creating an account to activating the device in detail.

Steps create a Hulu account easily

To create an account on Hulu for purchasing a Hulu subscription and to activate your device follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Open hulu.com on your web browser

  • Click on the sign-in option available on the screen

  • You can also click on the “Start watching Hulu” button from the screen.

  • You will reach a new page where you will find the “Create an account” option.

  • Click on the same button and fill the details in the form.

  • Click on the “Submit” button

  • Your Hulu account is ready to log in.


Steps to activate Hulu on your device at hulu.com/activate

Proceed with these steps to activate Hulu on your device:

  • Open your device and go to the App store

  • Find the Hulu application and install the application

  • After that launch the application

  • Save the activation code displayed on the screen for later use. This activation code is very much important for this activation process.

  • Make sure you are saving the code in the same pattern it appears

  • Now go to hulu.com/activate

  • Enter the username and password to login to your Hulu account

  • Enter the activation code in the given space on the screen

  • Click on the adjacent “Submit” button

  • Your device is now activated for accessing Hulu. You can watch anything as per your choice now.