Hotmail Is The most important free email service provided by Microsoft Hotmail is one of Microsoft’s most important achievements in the Internet field and today we offer you a method to use Hotmail Login.

How can I log into my Hotmail account?

Hotmail is Microsoft’s first webmail service, but there is no specific Hotmail domain for accessing the mails and performing the other acts that Microsoft offers. It was founded by Jack Smith and Saber Bhatia. It is used in early times with the “Rocket mail” from Four11 which later became known as the Yahoo Mail. It was released on July 4th, 1996.

The term “Hotmail” is the combination of the two words “HTML” and “Mail” It was sold to Microsoft in 1997 and it has more than 10 million users. The free version of “” provides its web users with around 50 keyboard shortcut keys. It offers you to link your account to skype which allows you to use the same credentials on a skype account.

There is a simple web view available that helps users to quickly use the web application, when searching emails, you can easily find your emails because it organizes emails according to their purpose in a separate folder and requires manual filtering to keep your emails proper. You can upload and import your contacts in CSV format by auto-completing the contact while composing email addresses. Hotmail implements AI that helps process and store emails in their respective folder, and identify spam emails. It helps the various languages.

For your protection, Hotmail helps verification in two steps. Which are known as Authentication Factor 2(2FA). To allow 2FA, you’ll need to add your phone number. The first security move is to enter your email and password, then Hotmail will give you an SMS verification code or voice call to enter your browser code. After both authentication steps have been completed, this allows you to check your email and use all the apps.

Hotmail Login – Hotmail Sign in

If you want to visit or log in to Hotmail. Locate the sign-in button on the top right of the page, by clicking on the “Sign-in” button. It will direct you to Microsoft’s login page. Write your email address and click on the “Next” button in the text field shown on the page. The password field now shows the time to enter your password. If you want to keep your account logged in check that and click on the Sign-in button below the password line, a checkbox called “Keep me signed in.”

Now it will direct you to the webmail main page, where you will see all emails and other stuff. If you’re allowing Sign in with a security key, just click it and attach your fingerprint scanner and check your identity by scanning your fingerprint and signing in to Mail. There’s more sign-in option available on the Hotmail-sign page as you can sign in with your GitHub account.

Hotmail Sign-in Android

First of all, Play Store Download Outlook app. Tap now Open the Microsoft Outlook app installed. Now enter your credentials (email and password) and follow the screen and you’ll soon be shown your emails.

Hotmail sign-in iPad/iPhone

Tap on Account setting to open got accounts and tap password. Now choose to enter your credentials and pick the email address ( to stop. Click the Save button now. Here’s your email linked to your IOS. If you haven’t already developed an Outlook account.

Create Hotmail Account – Hotmail Signup

Tap on Sign in to build a Hotmail account Browse (if you want to try a premium account, just tap on the Free try). When you click on “Sign in,” it will navigate to the Locate No Account sign-in page? “Create one!” And press “Download Another!” Build your email now and select from the “Next” button drop-down.

Here you need to create a password for your account. Let’s set a password and check the display password and validate the written password if you want to get tips, check the second checkbox below for Microsoft products and services. Now click on “Next” tab. From the list, select your country and date of birth and click “Next” to finish the mail dashboard setup. Your account has now been established, and ready to use. Let’s indulge in infinite apps.


How to sign up and Login

You need to enter your Email Address in the login portion and your selected password in the password box to connect to

What should I do if I am having a problem with the captcha?

Refresh the page and you’ll get the other picture that can be understandable if it doesn’t continue to do so unless a comprehensible image comes through.

Why is it saying “Please enter a different email address” this email is part of a reserved domain?

If a situation arises, build another special email address because it means that someone else is already using the email you entered when it comes to it.

Why am I getting instead of

This is because Outlook already owns Hotmail so it also automatically transforms the email address.

 How to Secure Your Hotmail Account?

After effective signing up for the Hotmail, you now need to be checked and then protect your account. The main purpose of keeping your account safe is to prevent access to your account by any other user. This can be achieved as follows, in some ways:

Create your own hidden security question and only you know the answer.  Mention an alternate email address so you can get a confirmation mail on that alternative account if you are unable to access your account by any other means. Verify your mobile number and connect your account to your mobile phone, so that Hotmail will notify you when logging in at any time. We can also encrypt our messages for privacy purposes. Encrypting an email message in Hotmail means it’s translated to encrypted cipher text from readable plain text.

How to Solve Hotmail Login Issues?

Hotmail was down recently the day before and the users were unhappy because of the problems, but overall these issues are the systematic problems. First of all, if you face any problems with the Hotmail authentication, you can take some basic measures such as:

  • Clearing your Web Browser cache or removing cookies
  •  Upgrading your Adobe Flash Player
  • Refreshing the page or switching to another Browser.

There are some other problems with logging in, i.e. losing the Password, so you can always retrieve your password using the mobile number that you listed while logging in. If the mobile number is inactive or does not work for some reason you may choose an alternative email option and the password will be retrieved as an alternative with the help of the mail you provided.