GoldenSun Home Supplies Co., Ltd.


GoldenSun is a leading manufacturer and exporter of wooden products and Eco-friendly housewares in China. We mainly deal with wooden disposable products. Such as wooden toothpick, wooden tongue depressor, wooden coffee stirrer, wooden disposable cutlery, wooden ice cream stick, wooden barbecue skewer, wooden cervical scraper, wooden round stick, wooden steak marker, wooden chip fork, flag toothpick, square wooden toothpick etc. We also deal with disposable paper cup, paper souffle/portion cups, clothes, napkin, disposable plastic gloves etc. And also, we could help customers to source many other products in China.

Our popular wooden products are 100% high quality birch wood and 100% natural. No chemicals, toxins, or glazes are added. Biodegradable and disposable. Made using replanted trees from farmed forests. An excellent, sustainable alternative to harmful plastic ware. All of our products are being exported to worldwide, and we have established very good relationship with customers from worldwide, such as USA, Canada, Spain, Italy, Ireland, Germany, France, Australia, Belgium, UK, Thailand, Austria etc.

GoldenSun welcomes customers from worldwide, we'd like to offer you best products, best service based on our professional experience.