Tired of chasing grades? Desire the opportunity to do something that you want to do rather than need to do?

Welcome to CAS, the IB subject where you are in control and everybody is equal.

Next, you should start thinking about the experiences that you want to have during your 18 month CAS programme.
A CAS experience must:
Be something creative, be something active and/or be a service
Be based on a personal interest, skill or talent that you have
Provide you with an opportunity for growth
Develop attributes of the IB learner profile

Once you have some ideas for experiences that you want to do during your 18 month CAS programme, you should then start to complete your CAS Programme Plan.

Once you have either taken an opportunity, or created your own opportunity, you should download and complete one of these planning documents.

Once you have completed the most relevant document, it should become part of your CAS portfolio, and linked to your reflection blog.

It is vitally important that you document your CAS experiences that you have through a reflection. Click here to find out more about what you should include in your reflections.
When you are ready to reflect on an experience that you have had, click on the image at the bottom of this web page.

During the best 18 months of your life, you will have three interviews with your CAS coordinator (Mr. Pennant).
The first interview will take place at the start of your CAS programme (IB1 August / September)

The second interview will take place at the mid-point of your CAS programme (IB1 May / June)

The third interview will take place at the end of your CAS programme (IB2 February / March)

During your CAS programme, you must complete at least one CAS project. A CAS project is "a collaborative, well-considered series of sequential CAS experiences", where one or more of the creativity, activity, and service strands are engaged in. Click here to find out more about the CAS project and some ideas for one that you could do.

Once you have decided on the project that you want to do, complete this document and link it to your reflection blog.

What is your reflection blog? click the image below to find out: