Flexible Current Probes

Flexible current probes, otherwise known as Rogowski Coils, or rope clamps. Are an ideal solution for current measurement in hard to get areas. These thin, flexible Rogowski coils can take the place of iron core current clamps and can connect to a variety of devices including multimeters, ammeters, to power quality recorders.

Have a need for a special flexible current probe or sensor? Perhaps a longer lead, sensor, and/or perhaps a special current range. We can help.

Due to our lean manufacturing methods we can offer flexible current probes made the way you want them with quick delivery, low prices, and no minimum orders.

Features Include:

8 mm thin current sensing transducer
Current sensing tranducer element lengths as small as 12 inches
Custom element sizes and cable lengths
Excellent Linearity
Insensitive to DC Components
Internal Electrostatic Shield (min. 95% coverage)
No Core Saturation or Damage if Overloaded
Waterproof Design
Typical Sensitivity 48uA/Aac
No Clip Connector
Integrators Available Powered via 2 x AA Batteries (2000hr min) or External Power

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