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Our Program

Program History
Lisa Krieg, MPT, owner of the Euro-Team Physical Therapy Clinic, began the intensive physical therapy program over a decade ago following a trip to Poland with a local family and their daughter, who was receiving intensive suit therapy treatment there. Lisa became certified in suit therapy by Richard and Izabella Koscielny, both PT's from Poland, parents of a daughter with cerebral palsy, and founders of the Suit Therapy Program. Lisa has been providing intensive suit therapy programs ever since. 

Program Details
Intensive therapy at Euro-Team is provided by licensed physical therapists and massage therapists.  
Various options for intensive treatment are available, including 1, 2, 3, & 4 week physical therapy sessions. Modified programs for younger children are available and can be individualized based on the child's needs. Typical programs with the most progress achieved are the 3 and 4 week programs. The 1 and 2 week programs are more commonly provided during the school year for periodic bursts of intensity.

On day 1, a thorough evaluation is performed and a plan of care is developed based on the observations of the physical therapist and the goals of the patient and parents. The sessions provide the patient with a wide variety of equipment aimed at strengthening while controlling alignment.

The program includes 3 hours of daily, goal specific, motor driven physical therapy by a licensed physical therapist. The therapy is comprehensive, current, and of high quality in its administration to each patient. It adapts to the needs and emotions of each patient as the physical therapist and massage therapist work together to gently, but firmly prod and push the patient toward his/her next level of functioning.

The therapy is not a miracle cure, but rather a lot of hard work with repetition and resistance, resulting in PROGRESS!

Methods of Treatment
The intensive program includes the use of a soft dynamic body orthotic called the TheraSuit, as well as the Universal Exercise Unit. These are used by the physical therapist during therapeutic exercise, neuro rehab and gait training.

Treatment consists of range of motion, core strengthening, NDT and repetitive closed chain exercise with available upright support as needed to sustain midline orientation during exercise. Additional exercise includes vestibular rehabilitation, gait training and various least restrictive walkers or crutches, treadmill training with partial body weight support systems, appropriate exercise equipment, pulley exercises for muscle specific strengthening and deep tissue mobilization for improved flexibility and motion.

As in all areas of learning, whether it be academics, sports, nutrition, etc., repetition is the key for excellence. Children and adults with neurologic issues need repetition for skill acquisition and progression. Children, with their constantly changing bodies from growth spurts, require periodic bursts of intensity to propel them into their next level of motor skill. Adults with neurologic insults require intensive repetition of movement to retrain motor pathways for optimal movement patterns. Thus, the intensive programs at Euro-Team Physical Therapy Clinic are performed with repetition of specific motor tasks, resistance to movement, and within alignment.

Billing & Insurance
Specialized intensive programs are cash based. We do not bill private insurance or Medicaid, but we do provide weekly itemized billing statements for families to submit to their individual insurance companies. These itemized billing statements can also be provided upon request prior to participating in the program, to attain a prior authorization from your insurance company to determine approximate "out of network" costs. Cash payment is in the form of check, money order, or cash. Credit cards are not accepted at this time, but a cash advance from your credit card is accepted.

1 week program: 15 hours of direct physical therapy
2 week program: 30 hours of direct physical therapy
3 week program: 45 hours of direct physical therapy
4 week program: 60 hours of direct physical therapy

Precautions and Contraindications
•Heart conditions
•High blood pressure
•Uncontrolled seizures
•Hydrocephalus (VP shunt)
•Hip subluxation > 50%
•Diabetes and kidney problems
•Recent surgeries

All patients need medical clearance from their physicians prior to participating in the Euro-Team intensive program.

Upon completion of a program, a detailed HEP is provided to families for follow through of goal achievement.

Please contact our clinic for more information regarding program availability, prices per program, and evaluations to determine if the intensive program is appropriate for your child