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Neurological Wellness Center

Providing improved quality of life for all with unique and distinctive equipment for those looking to continue their gains from therapy and beyond.

Euro-Team Physical Therapy Clinic has specialized in physical therapy for any pediatric or adult neurological episode for the past 23 years and has currently added the availability of memberships and personal training for those neurologically impaired. Our clinic offers a variety of equipment to safely work on walking, balance issues, and strength/endurance that you can’t get at a regular gym with distinctive balance, spinal cord injury, and pediatric protocols ready to serve you. We staff physical therapists and personal trainers, as well as volunteers in the health community, to help make the most of your membership. Also see us for your unique therapy experience with equipment you can’t get anywhere else.  

Refer for all needs:

Neurological-based physical therapy, wellness center memberships, dizziness/vertigo/BPPV, intensive therapy and intensive balance protocol programs

Sara Peterson,
Mar 11, 2015, 9:04 AM