Welcome to Euro-Team

Euro -Team Physical Therapy Clinic, PC is located in the northeast corner of Iowa, in a beautiful town called Decorah. It is a therapist owned clinic dedicated to excellence in the treatment of all patients. We specialize in intensive suit therapy as well as traditional physical therapy services. The staff includes physical therapists and a massage therapist who work together to ensure comfort and fun during the exercises, stretches, and soft tissue massage needed for progression of skills for movement.

At Euro-Team, we value input from parents, school staff and local therapy teams in establishing goals for each patient and in determining a successful therapy program. We depend on these same people when carrying through with the home exercise program at the completion of the program.

Our aim is to help restore hope with hard work. We strive for this by 

staying current with pediatric and adult neuro standards of treatment, 

and utilizing equipment that is challenging for appropriate strength and flexibility improvements.


             We provide treatment for both pediatrics and adults, including          

             specific treatment for:

    • cerebral palsy
    • spina bifida
    • Down's syndrome
    • chromosomal disorders
    • developmental delays
    • torticollis
    • orthopedic related injuries
    • consultation for bracing needs
    • hypertonia & hypotonia
    • stroke
    • spinal cord injury
    • vertigo
    • traumatic brain injury
    • neurological conditions