Dolakha Town: Other Temples












Tripura Sundari Temple
Goddess Bhagawati Tripura-sundari is a from of Goddess Bhagawati(tripur-means three world: Earth, Heaven and Underworld, Sundari-means Beautiful). In its uniqueness she was the most beautiful in the universe. But now a days , there are no statue of Tripura-Sundari cuz it was lost. Approximately 200 meter from the Bhimeshwar temple is the temple of Tripurasundari where devotees assemble during the festivals of Chaitrastami and Dashian. Only the priest of this temple is allowed a glimpse of the image enshrined within.


               Tripura Sundari temple building

Kalinchwok Temple
Kalichowk is situated a peak 3850m. height at kalinchowk V.C. It is a religious pilgrimage famous for diety Kalinchowk Mai (Bhagavati). It is 20 K.M. far from Dolakha town. The peak has 69 m length and 25m. width. There can find only Trishuls and small bels from the idol of Shiva, Ganesh and Saraswati.

Some photographs of Kalinchowk temple and views of Kalinchowk

Kali Temple (Kal Mandir)

Kali temple is located near Bhimsen temple, about 50 meters in east side. There is statue of Bhagawati Mai. Local people usually says Kal Mandir for this temple.


 Kali temple building

Mandheshwori Temple

Mandheshwori temple is located the temple of god Saraswoti (god of knowledge), lies 400 meters in north side from Bhimsen temple. Around this temple, there are many places for picnic. Mainly on day of Shirpanchami, students from dolakha town and other local people go to this temple for worhsip.


Buddha Stupa 

In Dolakha town there are manu Buddha stupa at diffrent places, here show some photgraphs of Buddha stupa.