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Dolakha is mountainous district of Janakpur zone in the central development region of Nepal. Its total land area is 2191sq Km. and its borders contiguous with Solukhumbu and Ramachhap the east, Ramachhap and Sindhupalchock in the south, Sindhupalchock in the west and with the Tibetan Autonomous Region of People's Republic of China in the north. Sitali, the lowest part of the district is 723 meter above sea level whereas Mt.Gaurishankar, the highest part of the district is 7134 meter above sea level. Dolakha is the land of all seasons year around there is a myriad place to go, place to meet and sites to see. Dolakha is an attractive tourist destination and the people of Dolakha are eager to welcome tourist in the district. Dolakha town lies in Bhimeshwor M.C., Dolakha district. This town is famous and historical town of Dolakha District. This town has lot of historical temples and places. It has also beautiful places to visit. The famous temple named Bhimeshwor of Nepal lies in this town.  Environment of this town is better and also non poluted town. All of you are wel come in Dolakha town.

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In its origin the city of Dolakha was called "Abhayapur" which means "Abhay"-without fear;and "pur"-cities; and that's why Dolakha called also as a city without fear because of the powr production of god Bhim Sen. Dolakha town has it own importance for it is ancient in economic, social and religion field. Dolakha encompasses the history of both the Kirant and Lichhabi period. Trade route to Bhote of Tibet from Dolakha was linked from Tamakosi till the end of the Malla period. There are three entry points to Tibet named Kuti through Bigu, Bhote through Lchema and Tibet through Lamabagar, Laoche till date. Newar are the tribes of religion, culture, language and other social systems God bhieemsen, the famous temple in Nepal, is situated in the town which was established in Kirat period, it is estimated. It is believed that if any distinct episode in country is going to happen in the country, it begins to sweat from the statue of God Bheemeshowr.  It is also stated in Puran that the Pandav were under grounded for one year in this town. They were using separate language among them during then underground period. This language is recognized as Dolakha language now.


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