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Hi!  My name is Damon Meredith, and welcome to DiSC Productions².  I do website management, hosting and updating for individuals and small businesses in the Byron Shire.  I offer friendly and personable service and my websites are especially tailored for my customers, so you get a webpage looking how YOU want.  I'm also a journalist in training, so you have the option of letting me research and write any content you desire.  

Some information about webhosting is available here.

How am I different from the multitude of other web developers out there I hear you ask?  Well, for one I'm a lot younger - and that means a lot happier to experiment!  Also means I'm cheaper than other professionals, so if you're not looking for an ultra snazzy tardis-esque website then look no further!

Here's why you need a website:

  • Have a footprint in the ever-increasing digital age
  • Promote your business (often less than $100/year)
  • Provide information and contact details worldwide
  • Bring people of similar interests together
  • Display your work internationally

So why not give send me an email and we can discuss your ideas.

Technical and Possibly Boring Stuff

I use Adobe Dreamweaver to build sites and also utilise Adobe InContext Editing which allows the client (eg. you) to make changes to the website using only their web browser and a login password.  My preferred web host is Digital Pacific, which provides good quality web hosting for fair prices and gives options such as carbon-offsetting as well as being a fairly local company.

Below is a sample of some of the sites I can produce.

1) The simple information page.  Suitable for small businesses or individuals wishing to promote themselves or their work.

2) Art gallery and image display.  Perfect for artists to display their art on the web.  

3) A blog/information page which can be updated regularly by the user.

4) Another art-styled webpage.

Sites Produced by DiSC Productions:





Sites Updated by DiSC Productions:

http://santostrading.com.au/  - Product Images

Have fun!

Damon Meredith