The Dusky Dolphin

    This dolphin is on the endangered list. Its average size is slightly larger than an adult human. The Dusky is most known for its athletic abilities. They eat a variety of squid and fish. The Dusky and Pacific White-sided dolphin are closely related. These dolphins live in New Zealand, South Africa, and South America. They can perform a many  aerial displays such as a head-over-tail leap, back slaps or head-first re-entry. The Duskys’ diet can consist of red cod, anchovies, lantern fish, or hakes. They usually avoid large predators by swimming in shallow waters. The dorsal fin is light grey and gets darker as it goes toward the belly. The weight of an adult is from 260-305 pounds. A newborn calf ways up to 12 pounds. A pod of Duskys can get up to 6-15 dolphins. The Dusky dolphin is a coastal dolphin along with 4 other species.   
                          More About Dolphins
Some animals in their diet...
                Red Cod



           Lantern Fish



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