Our Mission

       Our mission is to save and protect Dusky Dolphins and Kakapo Parrots.This foundation donates 90% of all profits. We hope that all of you reading this try to donate, help, and protect not just the Dusky and Kakapo, but all wildlife...

                     Thank you for your cooperation 



                Like said, not just the two animals we have decided to protect but all animals. There are other places where you can  help different animals such as in Ohio: There is Amish Place, where you can feed and pet live and not en-caged zebras, giraffes, llamas, bull with super long horns, buffalo, bison, white-tailed deer, and Scottish Highland. Also there is a place called The Wilds, where you can zip line, horse ride, or take a tour bus safari some you can even touch the animals. Learn more about The Wilds at www.wilds.com.